UX Drill at InfoBeans


At InfoBeans, we understand the importance of User Experience and how it can make or break the overall experience of the solution, if overlooked. It is no more a luxury but a necessity of any solution that is developed.

And it is important that the principles of User Experience are ingrained in the team members across the organization and not just a specialized group who are designated to work on UX. The UX Drill at InfoBeans is a step in that direction where newly joined folks and upto SSE or SQAE level get a chance to learn and improve their UX skills.

The first link in the chain is Heuristics Evaluation exercise.

Heuristics are a set of recognized usability principles that helps to identify usability issues in the user interface. There are 10 most widely used usability heuristics and we have exercises for each heuristic as part of Heuristics Evaluation Activity in the UX Drill.

Watch this space for the winners!



And the Winner of UX Drill – Heuristics #1

…drum roll…

Congratulations Azam!


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Our second home has a new address now – Crystal IT Park, Indore!


A historical day in the history of InfoBeans, 25th Jan 2014, when we inaugurated our 5th office in the world @ Crystal IT Park, Indore. And we proudly call it our World of WOW!

The inauguration started with a formal Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in presence of officials from IT Ministry of India, AKVN and other government authorities. Following which the Co-founders Avinash Sethi, Mitesh Bohra & Siddharth Sethi shared how the journey started with three of them and now have many more to join them in the World of WOW!

Indeed was a great day to see not just friends’ n family but key IT players of Indore and InfoBeans Alumni gracing the occasion with their presence and getting inspired by the world class amenities in the office. It still makes me laugh when one of the HR fraternity member questioned me do you really feel the luxuries of 3 terrace gardens, massage chair, gaming zones, xbox , pool , table tennis and huge Cafeteria … Read More

Mobile Estate taking Realty to the next level

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The whole world is accessible through a mobile device and so is realty sector. Mobility has transformed Real Estate business into a very High ROI proposition.

With the emerging mobile platform, prospects are keen to know about Realtor’s mobile presence!

We bring an interesting info-graph that shows how effectively Realtors can grow their business. The key is reducing the overhead costs of advertising on irrelevant media and craft a niche solution to complement. This info-graph aims at helping Realtors evaluate the needs of developing a mobile solution for their business. We have also listed some important features, which are essential to make a real estate mobile app friendly for the prospects as well as realtors and help taking the overall experience to the next level with high ROI proposition.

Hadoop Distributions

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While analyzing Hadoop landscape the first question which occurs is, which distributions should I go for? Here is a comparison of the key players in this space on various parameters


Cloudera HortonWorks MapR

Cloudera is a miles ahead of the others when it comes to popularity. It is an old veteran and has hundreds of clients. The Market penetration of Cloudera (has clients like Groupon, Klout…) is quite high. The next guy in the race is HortonWorks (spin off of Yahoo), compared to Cloudera it is a newbie but it is making lot of inroads. Due to its partnership with Microsoft, Informatica and terradata it is gaining lot of popularity. MapR is the other distributions (more of a proprietary solution) which is also quite popular and has association with Amazon. The graph below depicts the popularity of various Hadoop distributions.


Latest version for Cloudera is CDH4.4. Offers two distributions

Cloudera Standard is free distributions. Cloudera Standard includes the full CDH distributions plus Cloudera Manager for automated deployment, centralized cluster management and monitoring, and a full set … Read More

House Hunting- from haunting to convenient

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Today we are so much indulged & surrounded by technology, that we can’t even imagine living without it. Especially if we talk about our cellphone loaded with amazingly user-friendly apps, I’m sure there is hardly any reason to go anywhere without it. In fact it’s becoming a primary object that we care about. As concluded; mobile apps are little assets that we unwittingly keep on our mobile devices to make life convenient.

Mobile Apps are ruling all businesses. Business owners now say that without a mobile app, operating their business was really tough, but after bringing mobility into their businesses, the communication between employees & customers has been greatly enhanced & workflow has become a whole lot easier.

In this article I am to tell you about the benefits of a real estate mobile app to real estate business & its customers.

If you are a real estate business person, normally how do you connect & communicate with your prospective home buyers?

There is no task tougher than searching manually; a prospective home buyer or … Read More

More sales, less hassle

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Every shopper loves to save money and spares no means of doing so and I am no exception. But nowadays I feel like I’m being bombarded by emails, texts & mailers, that I rarely even have time to look at and almost prefer to ignore. But sometimes I am irresistibly attracted towards saving; I bring on my stored bunch of coupons to the store & realize that they had expired a few days ago.

Now that is disgusting!!! All my plans of shopping get spoilt.

This is what happens to your customers when they receive scattered emails & gradually lose interest in your offers. They are often overwhelmed with inappropriate and untargeted offers and develop no sense of urgency towards redemption. That leads to low redemption rate and higher expiry of coupons.

Given this scenario, how are you planning to derive their interest towards your business? Without a proper strategy, it may lead to losses.

The situation is alarming!!!

So how are you going to -

Get recurring business? Increase revenue & build sales? Increase redemption? Reduce … Read More

Addressing challenges of mobile coupon execution

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Join us for a Live Webinar on August 28,2013 & get a complimentary* consultation by an expert

Date: Wednesday August 28, 2013

Time: 01:00 PM – 02:00 PM EDT 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT


Limited Seats Available

Complimentary Service – First 10 registrants will get a chance to connect with our biz-tech experts and get personalized consultancy to execute m-coupon solution.

With 12 percent higher redemption rate over traditional coupon, Mobile coupon has now become a new success mantra for your competitors.

We understand you also have mobile plans, However when it comes to implementing mobility, many hurdles come across your way; starting from retailer’s acceptance or customer’s varying expectations to your own technical infrastructure readiness. It’s really important to find answers to all these associated concerns before you begin your mobile journey.

Please join us for this live webinar, as we will show you how to address all the hidden challenges related to mobile coupon solution execution.

Attend this webinar to -

Understand why your retailers are not ready for M-Coupon Know changing consumer shopping behavior … Read More

InfoBeans wins Asia’s Best Employer Brand Award 2013, Singapore

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InfoBeans once again wins the award at the 4th Asia’s Best Employer Brand 2013 in Singapore. InfoBeans is ranked 15th in Asia as the Best Employer Brand and had also been awarded in Talent Management category.

The 4th Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards 2013 were hosted by the Employer Branding Institute along with the stars of the Industry Group and the World HRD Congress in July 2013 at Singapore. The event saw participation from 17 countries with more than 600 companies being assessed. After five levels of evaluation 24 companies have been ranked as Asia’s best Employer Brand and 9 companies awarded in Talent Management Category.

The award was given to InfoBeans for its unique culture and performance management philosophy of having an ongoing appraisal process throughout the year for high performers. Each team member’s growth trajectory is customized based on his willingness to excel and contribute. The fast trackers have proved to have higher remuneration and are stepping into Leadership role.

Great technology opportunities, challenging projects, diverse clients and a zero red tape hierarchy goes a long way in … Read More