Mobility in the Realm of Augmented and Virtual Reality


Augmented and Virtual reality have already become mainstream technologies in industries like tourism, healthcare, education and gaming. There were times when a specially equipped device dedicated to single purpose was much needed; but now even a simple handheld mobile or a tablet enables you experience faux world. With configurations like sensors, compass, and GPS, you can render images onto real world objects or go for Head Mounted Display (HMD) to experience virtual reality.

Finding a place in a new area or a building was never easy when you are just a visitor, whether it is a city or a multi-facility complex, corporate building, hospital or mall. But with solutions based on augmented reality, things are on your finger-tip. Just pop-out your cellphone camera, capture view of location and navigate to your destination or find nearby café or train station.

Whereas VR based simulations and content help you experience things in real just by attaching your phone to VR headset. From virtual tours of resorts to theme parks or a roller coaster ride, everything can be so closely experienced through VR.

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Modeling Integrations and Deployment Pipelines

Modeling Integrations and Deployment Pipelines

The terms Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are both widely being used in software engineering: CI as the adoption of agile principles; CD as a combination of agile methodology techniques and a high-quality delivery process.   Whereas CI addresses building a software product from the contributions of single members of a development team in a controlled though lean way, the goal of CD is validation of every change, preferably in an automated way, so that it is potentially shippable.

We at InfoBeans follow the CI-CD methodology for our clients to give them a streamlined automated experience. Earlier, our clients faced problems such as time lag in detecting any bug/defect with each build, code being prone to defects as deployed manually etc.

Hence, as a remedy, InfoBeans proactively proposed to automate all the steps from code building to deployment which resulted in adopting an automated deployment pipeline to quickly and reliably release software into production.

In one such implementation, we automated the testing process and the execution time reduced from around four hrs per functionality to 0.5hrs for … Read More

Microsoft Azure

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Azure is a cloud computing platform launched by Microsoft in 2010 for building and hosting applications. It provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) as well as Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) capabilities. 

Azure is gaining popularity to become one of the most popular options for developers to build, deploy and manage applications in the cloud. The biggest reason lies in its scalability, security and longevity. 

Following are the services InfoBeans provide in Azure:

Websites: Create new app or migrate existing website into the cloud Mobile Apps: Build and deploy apps, and store data for mobile devices Notification Hubs: Provide highly scalable, cross-platform push notification infrastructure for applications running on mobile devices  Media Services: Allows building workflows for the creation, management and distribution of media using Azure public cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS): Complete development and deployment environment in the cloud and resources enabled with middleware, development tools, database management systems and more. Storage Services: Offload the heavy lifting of Data center management, and switch to Azure services ranging from Blob, Queue, Tables to Disks and files.

For Data Services, we utilize:

Cache Manager: Provides a distributed caching solution that can help speed up cloud-based … Read More

Automated Storage Provisioning


Storage provisioning has been one of the biggest concerns of CIOs, IT managers, Storage administrators and network engineers. Storage provisioning is the process or mechanism to allocate and assign server storage space within a networked computing environment to optimize the performance of storage network. The task is usually handled by Storage administrator(s) unless you have a simple to use interface to manage by self. The manual and complex nature of provisioning makes it susceptible to errors, resulting in delays, application starvation and underutilization of storage assets. It also affects availability of the storage infrastructure, thus directly affecting availability of applications. Manual tasks get more complicated in a heterogeneous environment where every component has a different user interface and a different process of provisioning storage for applications. Volume provisioning is ideal for customers who need storage services on top of ServiceNow.

InfoBeans aims at providing an interface that allows users to provision the volume in a single-step by automating the workflow on top of the most capable service automation platform; ServiceNow. Also, workflows can be designed for each of the tasks that … Read More

Quotematic App


ServiceNow is a highly customizable enterprise cloud solution which includes a suite of applications that automates asset management, enterprise service management, virtual support workflow and provides proactive, customer-centric services.

To manage quoting and procurement; streamline sales work process, InfoBeans has built the Quotematic app that enables the sales team to generate quotes for potential customers quickly and with ease. And guess what? It is available on ServiceNow store for FREE.

The app allows the fulfilment department in any organization to configure, create and quote accurately, swiftly and smartly; thus, automating the quote process. It provides the flexibility to create a unique item and put it in the quote.

Quotematic eases an important step in accommodating a truly comprehensive sales cycle. It meets higher standards of customization, with management visibility by allowing industries to generate quotes at finger tips. The app has an in-built approval workflow and can integrate with products catalogs’, taxes and discounts. It generates PDF quotations which can be printed or e-mailed directly to customer directly – all without leaving ServiceNow dashboard.

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Your Chatbot in Azure

Your Chatbot in Azure

“Bot” is a popular buzz word nowadays. Everyone is talking about bot services. 

So, let’s start by understanding what chatbots are. You can think of a chatbot as an intelligent program that interacts with human or users and can mimic human behavior. It simulates conversations with human users. Bot uses Machine Learning to understand patterns and respond accordingly. 

In a nutshell, it’s an Artificial Intelligent program that uses Machine Learning to mimic human conversation. They sound difficult to create but our Azure Bot Service is super easy.

Microsoft, Facebook, and other companies have come up their own chatbot framework.

We create your chatbots and deploy and inject them with different sources such as Skype, your own website, Slack, Facebook, etc. And all this needs just one major prerequisite: An Azure portal account.

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3 simple ways to get started with Scrum

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Even though Agile Software development of Scrum is prevalent in Software Industry today but still many teams haven’t been able to make the switch to Agile. The reason are various from not being mandated by their organization or client to not being able to understand it properly or its benefits. It can be an arduous task if you are starting to follow Agile and there is no guidance for you or may be the new jargons makes your head spin. The way we can solve this easily is by at least starting on the path. As they say a journey of thousand miles begins with one step. Here are 3 items that you can start with if you want to go Agile and if you implement them right, you will definitely see improvements in your development process.

Product Backlog: – Product backlog can be thought of as a box which contains every single feature that you want to develop within the product/project and any ancillary features as well. Even simpler way of putting it is, it can be thought of … Read More

Big Data for Developers – What it is and what it’s not?

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There is a lot of hype around Big Data. Whichever training class you go to, there is a course running on Big Data. This is called as the next “Big thing”. This gets the entire developer community confused. Should we learn Big Data? Is it really going to be that big? How different is it from Microsoft or open technologies that I am already working on? And the important one is this for me? I will try to explain Big Data from a developers perspective here which can hopefully make things clear for you then they are right now (assuming you don’t know a lot about Big Data) and then you will have enough data to take informed decisions, pun intended.

What is Big Data?

Multitude of tools – It is a combination of tools & technologies and not just one thing. There are Big Data in itself simply means big and complex datasets which are difficult to process through traditional tools & applications. Data Characteristics – The data which should be processed typically should be voluminous, complex. Structured data … Read More

Drupal 8

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Drupal is a comprehensive content management framework which many of us already love.

With Drupal 8 getting ready to be in market, Drupal community claims “Drupal 8 will be the most customizable and adaptable release of Drupal ever!”

What is it in store for Drupal 8 users?

Drupal is robust and secure enough to run large scale sites Enjoy fast time to market: Spun out sites in matter of few minutes and deploy/edit contents more quickly Endless Flexibility: Drupal 8 can be extended with any licensing or contract headaches Mobile Capabilities: Drupal 8’s responsive capabilities and mobile-friendly administrative features ensure your content looks great on any screen Multilingual Capabilities: Easily translate anything on your site with built-in user interfaces. Integration of marketing software’s: Integrate CRM, Email, Marketing Automation and other software with Drupal 8 as if they are part of Drupal 8 Built in Web Services: Build mobile apps with Drupal 8 as the data source, or even post back to Drupal 8 from the client.

Let’s have an overview of features and capabilities of Drupal 8.


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Change of Gears with Software Reverse Engineering


Software Reverse Engineering is the process of discovering the technological and design principles of a software program and reversing a program’s machine code back into the source code. Reverse Engineering as a method is not confined to any particular purpose. This can be helpful in, to study program behavior, analyze its performance, perform security audits, identify bugs and malicious content in a program or make a program compatible with various machines and microprocessors.

In today’s intensely competitive global market, software enterprises are constantly seeking new ways to shorten development time and efforts for new products and try to meet customer expectations by including all the features that their rivals are offering. Reverse Engineering emerged as technology for business benefits and the practice is now frequently used to create duplicate or identical software products, capture the logic used in development and designing of software or to find out security flaws for damaging market reputation of software product. One can learn about competitor’s software product by capturing a prototype and dismantling it with the help of tools.


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