Use of Mobile technology for health care

Existing and upcoming health difficulties are encouraging mobile application developers to generate innovative mobile health care ideas. As we know, roughly 70% of the populations carries a mobile phone. If this easy-to-use mobile platform can be applied towards health care it would be of great help for the common man to have increased access to affordable and quality healthcare.

Mobile health is a recent term, broadly defined as health care supported by mobile devices. Available mobile health applications includes the accumulation of community health data using the mobile devices and delivering this information to medical practitioners, patients, and non patients. It helps in real-time monitoring of vital medical signs and direct provision of care (via mobile telemedicine) for citizens.

Mobile health (mHealth) technology is capable for adding efficiency and effectiveness to existing systems, developing new ideas and ultimately distributing health care benefits across society. mHealth could be of great use for improving clinical output and also can be used for public health monitoring and education.

Mobile health services remove the distance barrier between patient and the provider.

Keeping these aspects in mind mHealth International networking Conference is being organized on September 8-9, 2010 at Town & Country Resort Hotel San Diego CA.

InfoBeans is proud to be a partner for the mHealth 2010 Conference. You are invited to experience the event for yourself.

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