UI Test Automation

Positions : – 4 Positions

5-7 years of UI automation experience in Java, Selenium Web Driver.

Experience with Javascript frameworks (AngularJS, ExtJS, Ember, Backbone)

Good experience Javascript, Angular, Selenium, and Protractor

Understanding of build pipelines, software development lifecycle, testing methodologies

Knowledge / experience with any selenium web-driver based frameworks is a must have.

Knowledge of the angular JS automation framework Protractor, and angularJS general is nice

to have. (not required, nice to have)

Gradle knowledge is required for setting up the environment properly (controller, load, etc…)

when automating the system to run in a single command.

Sauce Labs / Browser stack integration knowledge (or knowledge on how to setup selenium

w/ different VMs locally to be able to support all browsers on all OSes, such as Firefox, IE,

Chrome, Safari).

Docker knowledge would be nice, given it's the only way we've been able to get controller

running in a reasonable amount of time w/ load. (not required, nice to have).

This person will be directly interacting with client so he should possess very good

communication skills

This person should possess very good analytical skills to understand and translate business

requirements into technical specifications.

Knowledge of Protractor and Jasmine will be good to have

Person should possess good knowledge of QA processes and complete test cycle

Person should be ready to stay in Bangalore from 3-6 months

Knowledge of Agile will be a big plus

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