Case Stories

Did you do your application UI/UX revamp all wrong?

One of our clients, who is a leading provider of enterprise solutions to life sciences companies, reached out to us to redesign the UI and UX for an enterprise product. This product was directed towards life sciences companies and was designed to help them track expenses incurred for healthcare and research events.

Fast Tracking the App Economy with ServiceNow Apps

ServiceNow apps that we developed were created with two things in mind – one, that they have to simple, intuitive and user-friendly interface so that the non-technical business user can leverage and benefit from it and two, that we give organizations a path to respond to market needs swiftly by helping them automate business processes.

A Strategic Digital Approach to Accreditation Enablement

One of the hallmarks of a good Accreditation portal is the access feature. We designed the portal in a manner that allowed it to provide multiple access options. The customers, contractors, and staff could all access the portal without any negative impact on application performance. Additionally, the portal could also support concurrent users with ease. We automated workflows to enable faster access code generation to allow the users to access the standards content using the available license

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