Read This Before Using Open Source Technology for Your Product Development

There is a rapid increase in the use of open source software among companies as it provides them with a faster way to develop applications at a low cost and add more value to their business. Big enterprises, right from financial companies to big eTailers, are leveraging the power and convenience of open source technologies.

While the open source technologies have revolutionized the tech industry, and there are compelling reasons to adopt those, there are also a few disadvantages of using open source technology. Let us take a look at those –

What is Open Source Software?

Open source software, in simple terms, is a software available with source code. It allows users and developers to modify the source code to make further enhancements to the program. In other words, open source is a non-proprietary, free software available to the public along with the source code to benefit the community of global users at large.

Developers can modify the source code based on their needs and choose to share the modified code … Read More

Fast Tracking the App Economy with ServiceNow Apps

Most forward thinking organizations today have adopted ServiceNow as their go-to platform of choice to manage different organizational activities such as HR, incident management, security operations, and managing everyday workflows with ease. ServiceNow offers its users a single cloud-based platform to assign, prioritize, collaborate, collect real-time insights into workflows and activities that offer organizations the advantage of speed in a dynamic and competitive marketplace while providing them in-depth visibility into the different processes and infrastructure via a single system of record.

Why ServiceNow Apps?

As enterprises are getting increasingly ‘appified’, the need for building reliable and efficient enterprise grade applications faster has never been greater. Based on their specific business needs and goals, they need apps for their ServiceNow installation to perform some very peculiar, repeated tasks. ServiceNow offers Now platform to help organizations build those apps.

ServiceNow also has a ServiceNow Store which hosts a variety of third-party apps which can help organizations achieve faster time-to-value. The ServiceNow store hosts a variety of applications that spans across different categories from asset … Read More

The Role of Heuristics Evaluation in UX

User experience is central to the success or failure of any application. UX designers use a number of techniques to ensure that the best design practices are implemented. Need-based assessment, rapid prototyping, goal analysis, user interface principles are some of these practices. Along with these, designers also use the method of Heuristic Evaluation to ensure that they develop the best possible digital product where they compare the application’s user interface against usability principles. This analysis provides the designers with the list of potential usability issues that the end customer might face upon using the application.

What is Heuristic Evaluation?

Heuristic Evaluation is a great way to generate quick feedback for designers and is also inexpensive in nature. It can be exercised early in the design process and provides a comprehensive assessment of the system. While it seems quite similar to usability testing as Heuristic Evaluation also assesses the usability of a product, the main difference between the two is that in Heuristic evaluation the product is evaluated by usability experts. Heuristic Evaluation is based on a defined set … Read More

Project Communication: Keeping Things Conveyed

A project communication plan that will convey the updates to a project’s affected stakeholders is a critical part of any project. How well you communicate throughout the life cycle of your project can make the difference between success and failure. We are going to talk about the art of communication in Project Management.

InfoBeans, a CMMi -3 level company, has a set of protocol and guidelines in place. A perfect communication plan takes effect from day one of the project implementation and continues for the entire execution period. Despite all planned efforts, most projects witness a breakdown in communications. 

Communication Best Practices at InfoBeans

At InfoBeans, we are committed to following proactive communication practices that keep all the stakeholders engaged with what’s hot on the plate and what has been taken care of. Effective communication is directly proportional to the success of a project. However, like how no roller coaster is a straight path, each project goes through hiccups despite preventive measures and it’s okay to have hiccups for the health of project execution. … Read More

End-to-End Tourism Solution

Spending money on experiences as opposed to things leads to greater satisfaction and happiness!

How a tourist experienced at a vacation is all that one cherish as the memory.

We help you bring your organization efforts to the front of the pack. Our tourism feedback system is a fully integrated end-to-end solution for travel and tourism with real time visitor data collection, statistics reporting and integrated receptive back office, marketing and fulfillment functions, augmented reality, and so forth.

Different states’ tourism boards can collect into actionable insights and make the destination flawless. Tourist Feedback System is a solution that closes the loop of an End-to-End tourism solution.

Your Tourists are Your Strongest Promoter

We are trying to disrupt traditional ways of attracting tourism and getting visitors not to visit just once but again and again.

Collecting overall satisfaction score along with the overall Likelihood score helps in determining the Net Promoter Score for your location, when useful insights regarding key improvement indicators like Excursions, Law & Order, Ease … Read More

Shopping Around – Making Sense of Today’s eCommerce Technology Options

eCommerce is one of the fastest growing markets today. According to research by Forrester, online sales in the U.S is expected to grow at an annual compound rate of 9.5% reaching USD $414 billion in 2018. eTailers have been able to carve out their space in the market owing to compelling pricing and customer acquisition strategies coupled with aggressive marketing tactics.

However, in order to stay on this incremental growth path, eTailers have to remain focused on site performance and security along with discovering new ways to making shopping easier (think one-click checkouts). While these numbers may be optimistic, a study released by Accenture found that almost 36.3% of surveyed retailers plan to upgrade their eCommerce platform to boost performance and sales. Clearly, technology plays a huge role as a contributor to eCommerce success. However, with so many technologies at your disposal how can you make sure you choose the right one? In this blog, we take a look at some considerations to make the right choice regarding an eCommerce platform.

Business Goals

First … Read More

Is Your Test Automation Team a Team of Superheroes?

What do you think makes Iron Man, ‘Iron Man’? Who do you think is responsible for Batman’s success? Would we really be stretching the truth if we said that it was a team of judicious and extremely competent testing experts who are the secret behind the success of these heroes? Consider this, would Iron Man be as successful

Is Your Test Automation Team a Team of Superheroes?

If, say, Jarvis suddenly had a bug attack while Iron Man was scaling the skies? Or if batman’s Batmobile broke down when the caped crusader is in hot pursuit of a villain because somehow, some software got corrupted during the last update? Clearly, the real superheroes are the testers who think of every possible scenario and situation and make sure that each piece of software is secure and is working as it should. Given that test automation has firmly cemented its place within the testing space, it only makes sense to see what a superhero test automation team looks like.

Manual Test Engineer

Yes, automation testing … Read More

WordPress Vs Liferay Vs Drupal – Know the Difference

The CMS and enterprise portal wars are heating up with a plethora of options. WordPress and Drupal have been popular CMS contenders and Liferay has joined the race. All the three CMS and enterprise portals happen to be open source and deliver great experiences. However, this is where the major similarities end. These three products have different capabilities and the choice to use one over the other stems mainly from what the business needs and business objectives are.

In this blog, we take a look at some of their salient features and assess where they can be optimally and most suitably utilized.


Gartner considers Liferay as a ‘leader’ in its Horizontal Portal Products Magic Quadrant. Despite the fact that the enterprise portal market seems to have lost some of its media shine over the past few years owing to new collaboration tools and newer integration frameworks, Liferay has consistently managed to grow its revenue. It has been written in Java and the Liferay Portal can run on any computing platform that runs Java Runtime … Read More

Are You Aware of These Microsoft Azure Features?

In today’s hyper-connected world, the question is not whether you should be migrating to the cloud or not – it is, when are you adopting the Cloud? Many companies have already shifted to Cloud, and those who have not, are already evaluating the right Cloud provider for their business needs.

According to the RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report, 30% of enterprises have multiple projects or applications deployed in the cloud, 75% workloads are running on Cloud and 85% of enterprises already have a multi-cloud strategy in place.

Increasingly, Cloud is becoming an indispensable tool for enterprises. Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google are some of the prominent Cloud providers in the market. The choice of the provider clearly depends on the business goals and objectives.

Microsoft Azure is one of the most-used Public Cloud platforms with a very high user satisfaction rates. While the most prominent businesses use cases of adopting the cloud include temporary projects, disaster recovery, development and testing of new applications, hosting of high-performance applications or eCommerce applications with … Read More

Did you do Your Application UI / UX Revamp All Wrong?

Steve Krug wrote a book titled ‘Don’t Make Me Think’ which went on to become a bestseller as it presented a very common sense approach to web usability. This book continues to be relevant even today as it highlighted the point that UI and UX are very critical components of success and that a poor job here will cause you to lose customers.

While at one point in time, the UX focus was for a certain segment, such as eCommerce, today every business has to have that same focus since we are getting increasingly digitized. Backend activities such as compliance, operational workflows etc. which did not receive much UI and UX focus, are now getting the same as increasingly organizations are realizing that if they want customers and employees to use their applications then they have to be user-friendly, at the least.

Recently, one of our clients, who is a leading provider of enterprise solutions to life sciences companies, reached out to us to redesign the UI and UX for an enterprise product. This product was … Read More