Your Chatbot in Azure

“Bot” is a popular buzz word nowadays. Everyone is talking about bot services. 

So, let’s start by understanding what chatbots are. You can think of a chatbot as an intelligent program that interacts with human or users and can mimic human behavior. It simulates conversations with human users. Bot uses Machine Learning to understand patterns and respond accordingly. 

In a nutshell, it’s an Artificial Intelligent program that uses Machine Learning to mimic human conversation. They sound difficult to create but our Azure Bot Service is super easy.

Microsoft, Facebook, and other companies have come up their own chatbot framework.

We create your chatbots and deploy and inject them with different sources such as Skype, your own website, Slack, Facebook, etc. And all this needs just one major prerequisite: An Azure portal account.

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3 simple ways to get started with Scrum

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Even though Agile Software development of Scrum is prevalent in Software Industry today but still many teams haven’t been able to make the switch to Agile. The reason are various from not being mandated by their organization or client to not being able to understand it properly or its benefits. It can be an arduous task if you are starting to follow Agile and there is no guidance for you or may be the new jargons makes your head spin. The way we can solve this easily is by at least starting on the path. As they say a journey of thousand miles begins with one step. Here are 3 items that you can start with if you want to go Agile and if you implement them right, you will definitely see improvements in your development process.

Product Backlog: – Product backlog can be thought of as a box which contains every single feature that you want to develop within the product/project and any ancillary features as well. Even simpler way of putting it is, it can be thought of … Read More

Big Data for Developers – What it is and what it’s not?

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There is a lot of hype around Big Data. Whichever training class you go to, there is a course running on Big Data. This is called as the next “Big thing”. This gets the entire developer community confused. Should we learn Big Data? Is it really going to be that big? How different is it from Microsoft or open technologies that I am already working on? And the important one is this for me? I will try to explain Big Data from a developers perspective here which can hopefully make things clear for you then they are right now (assuming you don’t know a lot about Big Data) and then you will have enough data to take informed decisions, pun intended.

What is Big Data?

Multitude of tools – It is a combination of tools & technologies and not just one thing. There are Big Data in itself simply means big and complex datasets which are difficult to process through traditional tools & applications. Data Characteristics – The data which should be processed typically should be voluminous, complex. Structured data … Read More

Drupal 8

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Drupal is a comprehensive content management framework which many of us already love.

With Drupal 8 getting ready to be in market, Drupal community claims “Drupal 8 will be the most customizable and adaptable release of Drupal ever!”

What is it in store for Drupal 8 users?

Drupal is robust and secure enough to run large scale sites Enjoy fast time to market: Spun out sites in matter of few minutes and deploy/edit contents more quickly Endless Flexibility: Drupal 8 can be extended with any licensing or contract headaches Mobile Capabilities: Drupal 8’s responsive capabilities and mobile-friendly administrative features ensure your content looks great on any screen Multilingual Capabilities: Easily translate anything on your site with built-in user interfaces. Integration of marketing software’s: Integrate CRM, Email, Marketing Automation and other software with Drupal 8 as if they are part of Drupal 8 Built in Web Services: Build mobile apps with Drupal 8 as the data source, or even post back to Drupal 8 from the client.

Let’s have an overview of features and capabilities of Drupal 8.


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Change of Gears with Software Reverse Engineering

Software Reverse Engineering is the process of discovering the technological and design principles of a software program and reversing a program’s machine code back into the source code. Reverse Engineering as a method is not confined to any particular purpose. This can be helpful in, to study program behavior, analyze its performance, perform security audits, identify bugs and malicious content in a program or make a program compatible with various machines and microprocessors.

In today’s intensely competitive global market, software enterprises are constantly seeking new ways to shorten development time and efforts for new products and try to meet customer expectations by including all the features that their rivals are offering. Reverse Engineering emerged as technology for business benefits and the practice is now frequently used to create duplicate or identical software products, capture the logic used in development and designing of software or to find out security flaws for damaging market reputation of software product. One can learn about competitor’s software product by capturing a prototype and dismantling it with the help of tools.


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Key Challenges with Retail Testing

Retail industry is one of the major pillars of many economy now and accounts to a higher percentage in its GDP. Life is changing dramatically after the increase in the day to day activities with digital technology and mobile era. One bad experience with retail customer, online or on mobile devices can change the life of the provider. IT systems are expected to provide supreme quality and user experience in retail sector to customers.

I would like to highlight some of the key challenges that are faced in retail testing which demand for an efficient testing process:

 Peripheral Devices

Every retail chain has peripheral POS devices such as swipe cards, bar-code reader, pad entry, etc which are required to be up and running all the time. Any down-time of these peripheral devices directly impacts to revenue of the client. With the increase in peripheral devices usage, demands for an effective testing with all the permutation and combinations.


The nature of retail sales processes and devices being used … Read More

Dear Apple – part 2

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Disappointed on seeing nothing on the iPad or Mac. Was surely hoping to see some exciting stuff happen there.

Now would be a good time to get touch id on the iPad and even the MacBooks. Don’t you think?

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Has Apple nailed it with the Apple Watch?

It does seem so but I still I have my reservations.

So far it seems the best attempt in the category. I had my reservations regarding a wearable watch. The Apple watch, short of blowing me away, did impress me. It is technologically far superior than anything out there.

One thing that will definitely work in Apple’s favor are the variations available. Apple was used to very low SKUs. There weren’t many variations of the things they sold. With the launch of the two new iPhones and the watch and all the versions and collections, Apple has done the right thing by not adhering to the one size fits all category. They have smartly positioned themselves to all iPhone users as a middle range watch – better than the swatches and low functioning citizens and seikos. And they are not touching the rolexes and omegas of the world.

It will surely appeal to those who had shunned watches altogether in the past few years since the advent of the mobile phone.

There is one nagging feeling. I have to say … Read More

Performance Test in Distributed Environment

In real life scenario load on the system often comes from different sources/systems/machines. Hence when we test we should generate load from multiple systems. By performing load test we can identify how the application is performing on high load and volume; this includes the average response time, throughput, transaction response time, CPU & memory utilization of the web server and many other parameters. To execute performance test in a distributed environment InfoBeans team uses JMeter, which is a nice open source performance testing tool.

At InfoBeans, we analyse performance test requirement, develop test plan & distributed test environment, do bench-marking, simulate load using JMeter and suggest solutions on the basis of test results. Distributed testing helps us to generate load from different system of different configurations and network types(LAN/ Wi-Fi). Here is how a distributed system works: 

Using the above distributed testing architecture, at InfoBeans, we have tested multiple scenarios with 1000 number of users and did base lining for one of our application. To get this done we were successfully generated load of 1000 users from 5 … Read More

Dear Apple –

Dear Apple –


So that time of the year again. One more event from Apple and hordes of people coming out with their predictions and analysis. Why should I be left out? Here are some good to haves and not so good to haves from me.

Yosemite is great, but its time they stabilise it now. Need them to come up with a solid followup to the beta versions. Yes, I know these were beta versions, but of all things Safari stopped working for a few of us. Can’t live with that, if you are Mac, can you? We need a far better mail client than what we have. Apple Mail is just too bloated and too slow. We don’t need a smart watch from Apple. What will happen to all the Rolex and Omegas out there? Need another fashion accessory. I just don’t see people wearing a cheap (comparatively speaking) watch from Apple. We love our fashion and Apple’s mass productions won’t work. As it is these days, wherever you look, you just see iPhones. And some Galaxies, … Read More