"We best manage what we can measure"

It is often said that if something cannot be measured it cannot be managed or improved. With this thought in mind we came up with suitable metrics to measure the quality of deliverables at InfoBeans. Below dashboard helps the relevant stakeholders to derive actionable items towards continuous improvement of quality of deliverables at InfoBeans.

The figure’s below highlights InfoBeans Quality Metric definition and dashboard that presents 3 major metrics that we measure for various projects across all business units (project name in dashboard updated due to non disclosure restrictions)

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Engineer or MBA – who has and should have the upper hand?

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Often, I have seen engineers being treated like second rate citizens in the corporate world. They are often times ignored when it comes to making business decisions. Even looked down upon. The MBA types in the hierarchy frown upon suggestions and ideas mooted by the “working class”.

I feel engineers contribute a lot more to any organisation than the managers. The engineers are the ones who are making most of the business decisions that directly impact the end users, more so in the software world. I am not sure if many of the non engineer MBAs understand the importance of what a single line of code, written right or written wrong can do. The impact of charging a customer 10 and not 100 dollars in an ecommerce setup can be devastating.

But the fact of the matter is that any smooth talking MBA can land a much more lucrative and senior position than an excellent engineer who communicates, but just about.

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Infograph on UX activities in QA life cycle at InfoBeans

User Experience (UX) is user’s overall satisfaction level while using any product or system. It involves a person’s behaviors, attitude and emotions about using a particular product, system or service. UX is one of the most important aspects of the product.

InfoBeans has its own UX process, which enables us to deliver an easy-to-use product for end users, this ends up increasing the ROI of client business. Our objective is to increase the UX level of the application so that the product is not just functional but it is convenient to use.

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Agile Testing @ InfoBeans

Requirements are never complete and there are always ambiguities to deal with it. The worst case is when the software meets its specifications but doesn’t meet the user needs.

Wouldn’t it be better to build smaller parts of the system, have the business work with the developers and testers, to confirm what’s being built is indeed what they need?

Why Not!!

Let’s build the system in small increments, increasing the systems functionality in each release, and potentially deliver a working system at the end of each increment that actually meets the end user needs.

Lets Transform the Vague into Sheer

Lets Go Agile 

InfoBeans introduced Agile methodology to bring quality perfection and process agility. Testing from the beginning of the project and maintaining quality throughout the project life-cycle, is the foundation on which InfoBeans Agile testing team works.

So, testing becomes an essential component of each phase of the project life-cycle, with quality being “Soaked in” to a product at every stage of its … Read More

The Testing Map

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Recently came across a nice testing mind map called “The Testing Map”. It includes topics like Process, Tools, Methodology, Technology etc. Although this is work in progress and a long way to go, I really liked the idea of presenting the information pertaining to software testing in this way.

I believe it’s a nice initiative which can provide consolidated information to folks who aspire to become test engineers or can be handy reference material for others already in the industry.

The good thing is that you can actually contribute in the making of the mind map by just contacting the team via email contact@thetestingmap.org. It also has very simple instructions on the website on how to use the mind map. Go check for yourself and contribute if you can.

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Why Usability Is Important?

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One of the most important aspects of any product is Usability.

Useful means the product has the content, features, and functions that your target users really need. It provides a compelling answer to the user’s question: “Why should I use this product?”

At InfoBeans, we focus on the core usability components i.e. Learnability, Efficiency, Memorability, Error Prevention and Enhancing Satisfaction Level of any product.

Usability is a weapon that can save you money, improve your competitive position, and improve customer loyalty. If the application/ product is difficult to use nobody will be going to use it and the intent of developing the system would be finished. So it is necessary to perform usability testing of each and every application/ product by keeping in mind the intended users. There are many reasons due to which usability is performed, some of which are listed below –

Usability returns benefits in form of increased return on investment or ROI, if done at the beginning of the product development lifecycle. As early usability defects are identified the less would be … Read More

Security Testing @ InfoBeans

The world of internet is growing rapidly day by day and web application security testing has become an integral part of software development industry. This is mainly due to the surge in the number of security breaches that industry is facing today. As new vulnerabilities are discovered every day and it’s nearly impossible to keep pace with them all.

“Keeping customer information secure and private is a top priority for InfoBeans”

In order to effectively address our client’s security testing needs, InfoBeans adopts the latest industry standards and testing methodologies to determine that an information system protects data and maintains functionality as intended. Over the last few months, InfoBeans has built up a foundation on security test scenarios and developed capabilities using both open source and licensed security testing tools. InfoBeans has the expertise in security testing for web applications and software products and now offers security analysis with reports and secure coding best practices.

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InfoBeans Test Center of Excellence (TCoE)

Development continues to be measured and expressed in terms of statistical indicators, with economic growth a key indicator of success. Current global environment demands for many confrontations to manage and maintain system quality and processes along with efficiency. To add value to the system along with customer satisfaction is the key concept at InfoBeans.

InfoBeans Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) maintains the complete Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) by deployment of right set of people, processes and tools with greater expertize and minimal effort and marginal cost.

Our clients are spread across various domains like Storage, Life Science, Market Research, Automotive, Media & Publishing, E-commerce, Banking & Finance and Insurance; describes the trustworthy and faithful relationships.

Often entailing risks, absence of processes, lack of expertize, and insufficient infrastructure results in breaking alignment between processes and business logic. On occasions business divisions inherit legacy systems which require additional efforts and cost.

Is there a practice to eliminate these deviation by regulating processes , infrastructure and testing competencies?

Is there a practice … Read More

Mobile Estate taking Realty to the next level

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The whole world is accessible through a mobile device and so is realty sector. Mobility has transformed Real Estate business into a very High ROI proposition.

With the emerging mobile platform, prospects are keen to know about Realtor’s mobile presence!

We bring an interesting info-graph that shows how effectively Realtors can grow their business. The key is reducing the overhead costs of advertising on irrelevant media and craft a niche solution to complement. This info-graph aims at helping Realtors evaluate the needs of developing a mobile solution for their business. We have also listed some important features, which are essential to make a real estate mobile app friendly for the prospects as well as realtors and help taking the overall experience to the next level with high ROI proposition.

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Hadoop Distributions

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While analyzing Hadoop landscape the first question which occurs is, which distributions should I go for? Here is a comparison of the key players in this space on various parameters


Cloudera HortonWorks MapR

Cloudera is a miles ahead of the others when it comes to popularity. It is an old veteran and has hundreds of clients. The Market penetration of Cloudera (has clients like Groupon, Klout…) is quite high. The next guy in the race is HortonWorks (spin off of Yahoo), compared to Cloudera it is a newbie but it is making lot of inroads. Due to its partnership with Microsoft, Informatica and terradata it is gaining lot of popularity. MapR is the other distributions (more of a proprietary solution) which is also quite popular and has association with Amazon. The graph below depicts the popularity of various Hadoop distributions.


Latest version for Cloudera is CDH4.4. Offers two distributions

Cloudera Standard is free distributions. Cloudera Standard includes the full CDH distributions plus Cloudera Manager for automated deployment, centralized cluster management and monitoring, and a full set … Read More