Drupalcon – InfoBeans had a great time at the event

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InfoBeans had a great experience at Drupalcon in San Francisco earlier this week. We had great interactions with folks from the industry. We shared our views on the future of Drupal and the important role that this exciting, community driven open source system has to play in the changing CMS scenario.

Interest was high in our integrated mobile offering. InfoBeans is building integrated solutions for content consumption for all kinds of devices including mobile. Drupalcon gave us the opportunity to talk about that and get the industry’s perspective.

We would like to thank the organizers of Drupalcon for the amazing event. We look forward to participating in the future events.

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InfoBeans gets govt approval to start SEZ operations

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Great news! InfoBeans gets approval to start operations in the Pune SEZ at EON Free Zone. Developed by the Panchshil Realty Group, this is a world class office environment.

InfoBeans has taken space to accommodate about 100 team members. The office complex will boast of best in class amenities, great infrastructure and some really good technology companies as neighbors.

We hope to start operations there by the middle of April.

We are eagerly looking forward to move there soon!

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InfoBeans, an SME at NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2010

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I represented InfoBeans, which is an SME with 110 people team based out of Pune and Indore.

Indeed there were times where I can perfectly relate our on ground challenges with the topics being discussed, times where I felt highly inspired and motivated by the leaders.

On few occasions I felt intimidated with talks all around about biggies of the IT world and their challenges. Multi-billion dollar government proposals opening up for billion dollar companies, top shots talking about global business scenarios, recession and post recession world.

To my little mind with whatever little exposure, SMEs were least affected by recession and hence talks surrounding it is irrelevant for us.

For us biggest challenges will be to learn how companies of our size with resources constraints, were able to grow exponentially and more importantly how they could sustain that exponential growth.

I do feel that there must be some un-conferences arranged for SMEs like us where we can share our challenges and get some in-practice time tested ideas from leading lights of the industry.

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Hiring spree! Mobile application developers – 10 positions

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That time of the year again. InfoBeans is hiring big time. We are looking to further add to our already sizeable team of mobile application developers.

We are looking for people who have anywhere between 6 – 24 months of experience in mobile application development on any of iPhone/Blackberry/Android.

InfoBeans boasts of a very promising future in the mobile application development arena. We are doing cutting edge and exciting work for our clients now across four continents. We have built many applications that use all the cool features of the iPhone and other platforms, including now Augmented Reality.

What’s more, we have already put in motion to develop for the exciting new mobile device – Apple’s iPad!

So if you are looking for an exciting opportunity in an exciting new domain, talk to us. Email us at careers @ infobeans.com and we are sure you will have the time of your life.

PS – look at the other posts in this blog to see how we work hard and party even harder!!


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The InfoBeans team

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So here is the group photo of about 85% of our team. The Pune folks had come for the iBuzz and Celebrating our Families event to Indore. So what better opportunity to get a huge picture of almost everyone in the InfoBeans family? We missed some team members who were not able to come and of course the US team members.

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Can’t wait for tomorrow – InfoBeans IBuzz and Celebrating our Families

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Every team member is eagerly awaiting the 30th of January. Our most awaited event of the year – IBuzz is being celebrated tomorrow. We will be showcasing our talent and our skills at just some plain old fun. Time for everyone to let loose and just feel – “Aal izz well”

But hey, this time it is not all about us and our merry making. It is about something more than that. It is about the people that we sometimes, knowingly and mostly unknowingly, just take for granted. The folks that are behind us from the time we take our first breath in this world. The folks that teach us pretty much everything we know about living life.

It is about our families.

The theme of our evening is “Celebrating our Families”

Yes, you got that right. It is about CELEBRATING. Not thanking. Not acknowledging. Not condescending. But about being one with them. About showing them that we care and we believe in that support system. Yes, we all do. But yes, we sometimes forget to say it out aloud. … Read More

IBuzz 2010

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Are you an Ex-InfoBee?

Then you are still lucky……..Join us on Saturday, 30th January 2010 for the Sparkling Carnival in Indore City.

This is going to be a sensational event in the history of InfoBeans. To have grand celebration to celebrate Annual function and cheer for the completion of the first decade of InfoBeans existence is how the idea took inception.

The team came up with an amazing thought to make the event special. It is not by calling celebrities or performers from the industry but get the ones who play a very silent but critical role in InfoBeans growth “The extended family of every Team Member (TM)”.

That is not just TM’s spouse and kid but their Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Mother in law, Father in law or whoever to whom the TM is closely bonded with and supported them when they were stretching late in office, working on weekends, spending extra time for work. They are one of the Key Stakeholders of the success of InfoBeans.

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InfoBeans continues its hiring spree

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InfoBeans continues its recruitment drive. If you have it in you to make it big, please walk in to contribute to phenomenal growth. See the presentation below to see where you fit. Email us your resume at careers@infobeans.com or simply walk in to one of our offices in Indore, Pune or San Francisco. We look forward to discussing your career with you.

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InfoBeans welcomes Murali Natarajan as COO

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Today is one of those days that we will always proudly look back upon. InfoBeans is proud to announce the joining of Murali Natarajan as COO of InfoBeans starting 18th of January.

Murali brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise. He has been working in the IT sector in all roles for the past 34 years. Murali has been contributing to organizations in a variety of areas like delivery, sales, HR, technology and strategy. He has contributed to organizations like Quinnox, Intergraph, Birlasoft, Convansys (now CSC) and CMC (now a part of TCS).

One key trait that Murali brings is his passion for growing organizations. He has been instrumental in positively contributing to all the organizations that he has been a part of.

Murali will take over as the Chief Operating Officer at InfoBeans and will initially be based out of Indore, India.

InfoBeans is happy to have him on board. We look forward to having an exciting and purposeful journey with him as we ourselves look to grow tremendously in the years to come.

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