Avinash Sethi
img-wow Moment
When my younger one says I love you - for no reason at all.
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Personal Statement
Want to strike equilibrium in all 5 dimensions of well being - physical, personal, financial, social & spiritual. However I see all 5 fingers are not equal :-)
Aims to
To bring multiplier effect into business by inorganic means of growth.
Do new things, do tough things. Vinod Khosla said this, I know I follow it.
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Chase dreams relentlessly but ethically. Fulfilment of a dream is a step in the journey full of dreams. Never forget that happiness is in the journey and punches you get during this will only make you stronger.
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Mitesh Bohra
Co-founder & President
Think beyond and big. Act immediately. Deliver thoughtfully.
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Siddharth Sethi
Co-founder & CEO