Siddharth Sethi
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Watching his 2 sons play without a care in the world.
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Personal Statement
JFK, ORD, SFO, BOM, BRC, AUH, LHR, ICN, SIN, DEL, YYZ, IAD, CDG, FCO, ZRH, LAX, ARN, FRA, DXB, DFW. The traveler in me has just about scratched the surface. Still plenty to cover!
Aims to
Make InfoBeans the best place to work at in the entire universe. (phrase borrowed from his 5 year old)
Think beyond and big. Act immediately. Deliver thoughtfully.
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Chase dreams relentlessly but ethically. Fulfilment of a dream is a step in the journey full of dreams. Never forget that happiness is in the journey and punches you get during this will only make you stronger.
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Mitesh Bohra
Co-founder & President
Do new things, do tough things. Vinod Khosla said this, I know I follow it.
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Avinash Sethi
Co-founder & CFO