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In no time, automation has become an indispensable strategy that helps IT teams deliver services with improved speed, consistency, and security. Any industry that encounters repetitive tasks can use automation to replace repeatable processes and march on the digital transformation path.

We can quickly combine people, tools, and processes through automated IT workflows, help you scale more quickly with fewer errors, and are more responsive to your individual business needs.

Automate Your System

A fully automated environment can reduce the time to delivery for production-ready resources from weeks to less than a day.

Continuous Integration (CI)
Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice where our developers frequently integrate code into a shared repository, preferably several times a day. Each integration is verified by an automated build and automated tests helping maintain code quality and identify potential issues in the local version of code at an early stage.
Continuous Delivery (CD)
Continuous delivery is the continuous deployment of everything built by our development team to the next environment in the DevOps cycle.
Build Automation
In Build Automation, we script and automate the retrieval of software code from the repository, compile it into a binary, execute automated functional tests, and publish it into a shared centralized repository.
Automated Testing
Automated testing is the key to successful testing in the CI/CD pipeline.
Hybrid Test Automation framework
The hybrid test automation framework is used to execute tests on multiple environments and devices in parallel, the test data is fabricated, and results are utilized to improve software quality.
Maintains different versions of code
Compile, validate, code review, unit testing, integration testing
Continuous delivery
Deploying the build application to test servers, performing UAT
Deploying the tested application on the prod server for release

We create bots that make use of artificial intelligence to handle high volume repeatable rules-based enterprise tasks. All that data-intensive mundane work that previously required a human act is replaced with intelligent RPA using UiPath and Automation Anywhere framework. Our secure and cost-effective Bots are implemented within your IT infrastructure resulting in greater efficiency, precision, and speed.

You start to automate when
  • There is a mammoth amount of repetitive tasks performed in your organization that snatches most of your team’s time.
  • Your customer’s queries or issues remain unaddressed and unresolved for a long time because your team is busy performing routine tasks.
  • Your yearly turnover stumbles, and you are in a constant need of resources to meet the annual turnover.
  • Achieving scale has become challenging, and you continuously struggle as your key performers are performing below par.
The InfoBeans Advantage
Focussed Approach
We focus on the real needs of our customers and keep the automation system flexible in proper alignment with business and IT.
Quick Scalability
Our teams integrate with your agile development process – we adapt as per your needs/environment and develop on extensible automation platforms.
Save Cost
We give you the most cost-competitive pricing to meet your automation needs. Yet, we deliver a quality that is at par with global standards.
Go to Market Quickly
If you have apps, products, or services to roll, we can be your partners through an on-going relationship. That way, you can launch faster.
Reduce Errors, Save Money
Your investment in automation technology implementation pays off really well when you get it right.

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