Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment

Accelerate business with proven DevOps Practices, Tools and Services of InfoBeans. We recognize the business essentials that demand continuous Integration and delivery to gain relief from manual build steps and rule out the possibility of error.

Integrating automation in testing and deployment shorterns the end-to-end software life-cycle. Our secure CICD services support regression testing, frequent delivery, faster deployment, self-service environment, and on-demand implementation. We enable IT to get the best of automation implemented where it’s needed the most.

Build & Release Automation
Continuous integration from development environment / version control system
Automated server environment and database configuration
Static code analysis
Automated build packaging and deployment
Release test build packages for movement within DevOps pipeline
BVT, Sanity, Regression & Acceptance Test automation on each environment
Test Automation
Plan, script, trigger, execute, monitor and track test case execution
Automation framework library design
Validation on multiple hardware, software environments, browsers, devices
Platform independent test case design and automation scripting
Sanity, BVT, Regression, Acceptance, Performance & Load test suite automation
Development and maintenance of automation test suite

Tools & Services

Our Expertise

  • Continuous Delivery / Deployment
  • Continuous Code Inspection & Integration
  • Configuration Management
  • Continuous Testing & Test Automation
  • Managed Services for Infrastructure
  • Release Automation & Orchestration

Key Performance Indicators

  • Faster Software Builds and Improved Code Quality
  • Fast Feedback Loop
  • Shorter Release Cycles for Targeted Releases
  • Detect and Fix Issues Early
  • Improve Quality and Testability
  • Increase Transparency and Visibility.
  • Simple and Quick Fault Isolation
  • Low Elapsed Time to Detect and Correct Production Escapes
  • Short Mean Time to Resolution with Smaller Code Changes
  • End-User Involvement and Feedback During Continuous Development for Usability Improvements