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Solutions for trusted business processes

Blockchain technology has demonstrated significant value - from centralized data management to decentralized, giving rise to a new generation of transactional applications. It establishes transparency, trust and accountability across a wide range of business processes. Our blockchain solutions encompass people, process, operating models and technology to maximize your digital transformation. Stay focused on the bigger picture while we handle your new blockchain networks and ecosystems using our proven functional knowledge.

Blockchain Service Offerings


We bring you the Future of consulting in a 3.0 World

Web3 uses blockchain in new ways to meet new ends and gives users ownership of their digital assets. We offer comprehensive Web3 consulting services to enable your business into a new era. Our blockchain consultants will work as your extended team to understand your business processes and technology areas to enable transition from a web2.0 into a web3.0.

Application Development

Turnkey Solutions

We deliver Turnkey blockchain/DeFi solutions using Hyperledger, Ethereum, Solana & Binance Smart Chain.

Our experts determine your Digital Transformation requirements and discuss how you can enable existing technology with blockchain.

Idea to MVP in 6 weeks

Our Blockchain Innovation Lab delivers a working solution to an idea in 6 weeks through our rapid experimentation techniques. We build, analyze, test and scale new emerging technologies to modernize infrastructure and business models in the decentralized web in record time.


A blockchain-enabled software development approach increases developer performance, product cycle time and fault resolution time. It also allows deployment and technology capabilities to scale rapidly using industry best practices. Our blockchain technology experts use development methodologies through a roadmap that supports your sales.

Carbon Tokenization

Carbon credits on the blockchain are represented by digital tokens. The immutable cryptographically-secured and distributed ledger on the Blockchain allows for reliable issuance and tracking of carbon credits. We are your trusted guide along your blockchain based carbon credit platform development journey. We follow a technology-agnostic approach, coherent roadmap, and offer mission-driven solutions to accelerate deploymen of your carbon credits for a sustained competitive advantage.


Blockchain Use Cases

  • Letter of Credit
  • Claim Settlements
  • Policy Tracking
  • Distributed Ledger
  • Payments
  • Trade Settlements
  • Custodian Services
  • Patient Data Management & Security
  • Genomics
  • Electronic Health Record
  • Clinical and pharmaceutical trials
  • Patient-Provider Communication
  • Pharmaceuticals Counterfeit Control
Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Content Authentication
  • Provenance
  • Contract Management
  • Decentralisation of Data
  • Creator Economy Platforms.
  • NFT Utilities

Blockchain based Crowdfunding Platform

To create a social funding process transparent, robust and secure,

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International Fund Transfer using Blockchain

We developed a Blockchain based international fund transfer solution

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Low code, no-code platforms – Benefits and use-cases for financial services

If there was a vlog on the current trending technologies; low-code would be the chartbuster.

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Can Your ServiceNow be Blockchain (DLT) Enabled?

The hype around blockchain refuses to die down and there’s a reason for it. Blockchain is no

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