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BrainBeans has efficiently replaced 'Just do it' with 'Just think it'! 


Tarulata Champawat

February 28, 2020

BrainBeans has efficiently replaced ‘Just do it’ with ‘Just think it’! 

Based on brain waves technology, BrainBeans is one of the most innovative and appreciated ideas and the cynosure of Innovation Day. The idea harnesses brain waves that are produced from masses of neurons communicating with each other and are detected using an EEG headset.


The brain is at the center of everything that we do; it controls and coordinates our actions and reactions and allows us to think and feel, enables us to have memories, feelings, dreams, and a million other things.  It gives us all the things that make us human.

If we want to perform any activity, basic or complex, our brain sends signals to our organs, and we perform the activity. Like, when we want to switch on the light, our brain signals our hands to on the switch and the light turns on.

But what if we think about activity and it just happens? Unbelievable.

But, brain waves technology has made it possible. 

The Idea:

At the root of all our emotions, feelings, behaviors, and responses are the communication between neurons within our brains. Brain waves are the electrical impulses that are produced in our brains when neurons interact with each other. Brain waves are detected using sensors placed on the scalp. These sensors are in the form of an electroencephalogram headset that converts the signals into digital data through a microcontroller by applying machine learning and AI algorithms on this data. The patterns of our thoughts are identified, and the output is precisely what we thought. 

Types of Brain waves:

Brain waves can be categorized in 5 frequency bands: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma waves

Delta waves are very low-frequency waves; they generate while we are in a deep sleep, typically in dreamless sleep. Mostly it is in the 0.2 to 3 Hz range.

Theta wave ranges from 3 to 8 Hz. It generates when we are deeply relaxed, like in meditation or daydreaming.

Alpha wave generates when we are relaxed. Ranging in 8 to 12 Hz

Beta waves generate when we are active and focused like a meeting room is full of Beta waves as everyone is in an alert position. It ranges from 12 to 27 Hz. 

And the 5th and the last band is Gamma waves, which are more than 27 Hz, It got generated in high-performance activities.

Since all these waves have a very low-frequency range, it becomes tough to measure them. EEG Headset is one of the reliable equipment that can precisely measure these waves. Once the measurement is done, the next logical step is to make meaning out of it, which is done efficiently by the microcontroller. 

Let us understand the entire process with the help of an example:

Suppose you want to put on a light bulb. How can you achieve it?

  1. You switch it on yourself.
  2. You ask your friend who is standing near the electric board to switch it on
  3. You use a mobile app that is integrated with your electric board.
  4. You give a command to Alexa to switch on the bulb.

But what if you do not choose any method and wish that the bulb switches on as soon as you think!

Even this is possible with the brain waves technology. All you need to do is to wear an EEG Headset and integrate it with a microcontroller, which is attached to your PC or Laptop. 

Now think that the bulb switches on. As soon as you start thinking, thousands of neurons get activated in your brain and generate electric signals known as brain waves. These signals are read using EEG headset that converts them into digital data. With the help of Machine Learning and AI Algorithms, the intent of data is identified and passed on to a microcontroller. In this case, the intent is to switch on the light bulb, and finally, the bulb switches on!

Isn’t it wonderful? This is one scenario and a relatively simpler one. InfoBeans has utilized brain waves technology to implement in couple of other applications like doing online shopping or navigating robots.  

BrainBeans Demo brain waves

How does the future look:

  • Record dreams
  • Pay bills
  • Easy life for the physically challenged people
  • Save life of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease and permanent disability
  • Detection of disease at an early stage
  • Monitor pets
  • Office conference
  • Help medical science to reach another level with immense data. 
  • Share the visual memories of your last vacation with your friends and family without the need for modeling or capturing in the camera.


In the world of brain waves, we do not say, “Just do it,” instead we say, “Just think it.” It is one of the simplest and the most affordable ways to unleash your higher potential and enhance your power to think, create, heal, and change. Although the technology is in its nascent stage currently and faces challenges of scalability and accuracy, at the same time, it is evolving. It has the potential of drastically changing the world!

Watch the demo video here

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