TA Manager

Indore, India

Designation: TA Manager

Experience: 8-12 yrs

Location: Indore

Roles & Responsibilities:


  • Investigate and determine employee needs.
  • Develop a sustainable talent acquisition and hiring plans and strategies.
  • Design, plan and execute employer branding activities.
  • Encourage employees to be brand ambassadors
  • Plan employee referral programs
  • Use HRIS, Recruitment Marketing tools
  • Source and find candidates qualified for open positions
  • perform analysis of hiring needs and provide employee hiring forecast
  • Design, plan and execute selection processes (conduct interviews and screening calls, administer psychological tests etc.)
  • Reviews employment applications and background check reports
  • Find bottlenecks in recruiting process
  • Perform candidate and employee satisfaction evaluations and workshops
  • Plan procedures for improving candidate experience
  • Suggest measures for improving employee retention
  • Lead, oversee and supervise members of recruiting team
  • Use sourcing methods for hard-to-fill roles
  • Attend career and college fairs, and similar events
  • Determine HR and recruiting KPIs, Create and present KPI reports


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