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Principal DevOps Support specialist


Principal DevOps Support specialist


Chennai, India


6+ Years

Key Skills:

CIP and OIP integration with WebMethods

Task Description: Work on CIP and OIP integration solution support based on SAG webmethods: requires knowledge of SAG webmethods IS, MWS and designer and of the integrations methods: SOAP, REST, SFTP, JMS
Work Result: Deliver projects using SAG webmethods
Skill Area: Integration & Middleware
Technology: SAG webMethods
Proficiency – Technology: Expert
Secondary Skill Area: Data Management & Analytics
Secondary Technology: Oracle DB
Proficiency – Secondary Technology: Basic
Other Skills: Manage issues and drive tickets till resolution: engage and work with various internal and external teams
Interfaces troubleshooting – SOAP, REST, SFTP, SSH, SAP adpater, Salesforce adapter – using SOAP UI, Postman, wget, sftp/ssh..
WM admin: install/deploy patches or install new components
Google Apigee support
Lead platform improvements initiative: depending on seniority might get more responsibility and also:
Possibility to evolve as IT service owner or DevOps manager
Work on Infra as a Code roadmap

Build trust with Business partners
Professional English communication, experience in multinational company
Energic with the ability to interact with various tech or non-tech colleagues
SoftwareAG Webmethods advanced
Solution support previous experience delivering high quality services in a webmt

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