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Elegant, callable, and easy to maintain

InfoBeans had an extremely important role in the development of two cutting-edge Loyalty products geared towards the gas and convenience stores industry. The team developed Loyalty Switch which continuously processes over 100 messages/second. They drove the design and implementation decisions that proved to be elegant, callable, and easy to maintain. SaveAround was able to deliver flawlessly with the immense dedication and expertise of InfoBeans team members.
They had reliability, dedication, uninterrupted team continuity, and continued desire to challenge every idea in the constant pursuit of excellence. Every decision is discussed, challenged, and vetted by all team members. With years of trust, we knew InfoBeans would always back us.

Mirko Gojkovic
Understand our vision

The design and development processes adopted by InfoBeans in developing and maintaining our applications are flexible and very agile in nature helping us meet our business requirements. InfoBeans consultants understand our vision and consistently do a good job of delivering on time.
The sense of ownership demonstrated by InfoBeans helps us put aside the technology complexities, focus on our business strategies, and increasing client satisfaction.

John Belcik
Chief Financial Officer
International Code Council
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