Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment

We believe in making small but steady contributions to the environment and society that we live in. As a global technology leader, InfoBeans is committed to increase digital literacy and create a sustainable and self-reliant community. 


We are working towards building digital skills, expanding access to quality education and lives of the unprivileged youth.

Environmental Sustainabillity

We aim to protect and preserve the planet and operate our business with integrity to reduce carbon footprints

Critical human needs

We wupport initiatives and solutions-focused on disaster response, hunger relief and food security. we work with nonprofit organizations that cater the basic human needs and relieve these problems

Infobeans Foundation

Empowering Education through world-class training and skill development

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Our Projects

We aim to make the world around us better through sustainable innovations, green initiatives, and services to our communities.

The Joy of Donating BloodThe Joy of Donating BloodThe Joy of Donating BloodThe Joy of Donating Blood

The Joy of Donating Blood

We believe the gift of blood is the gift of life. And hence, we launched in-house blood donation campaigns that aim to raise awareness about the importance and benefits of donating blood, spreading the culture of social work as well as highlighting its health effects in the community. ​We received immense support from our team members who contributed to their best to help society.

Go GreenGo GreenGo Green

Go Green

InfoBeans continues its efforts to bring eco-friendly and sustainable changes in the community that we live in. With a plantation drive in our office premises where IBians pledged to plant saplings and nurture them, they flourished and brought a positive impact on our environment.

Employment Generation through AfforestationEmployment Generation through AfforestationEmployment Generation through AfforestationEmployment Generation through Afforestation

Employment Generation through Afforestation

Due to pandemic 2020, mass migration and a stop in construction activities have resulted in millions of people losing their livelihood, especially in India.
InfoBeans, along with Scientech Foundation, helped in alleviating some of the pain. We have teamed up to plant 5000+ trees in the Bicholi Mardana area of Indore, to create a city forest in an abandoned stone mine. Apart from planting trees, the endeavour is also to develop sustainable water sources by digging small canals to channelize water into ponds, which over a period of time will help increase the water level. These activities are serving a dual purpose - employment generation and afforestation.

InfoBeans Fights CoronaInfoBeans Fights CoronaInfoBeans Fights Corona

InfoBeans Fights Corona

InfoBeans completed the food delivery mission by delivering 314,000+ meals during the lock-downs through Jeevan Shala Visarjan Ashram, Citizen COP Foundation, Aahar Foundation and Credai.
InfoBeans made a humble attempt by launching Madad Setu (Help Bridge) Android app. The objective was to help the food delivery organizations coordinate better with families in need so help can reach where it is needed the most.
There are many more areas we would like to contribute to. If you have any ideas/suggestions, please feel free to contact us at