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What curve do we want to flatten and why?


Mitesh Bohra

April 10, 2020

What curve do we want to flatten and why?The answer lies in one number “TOTAL ACTIVE CASES”. This reflects what our healthcare system will deal with on any given day. The rate of spread is so fast that no country has the capacity to handle the hospitalization and ICU requirements. Hence, we want to flatten this red curve by slowing/stopping the spread.
How do we do it?
a) Containment – By measures such as rapid testing, contact tracing, quarantine, isolation, social distancing, lockdown, and curfew. All we are trying to do is reduce “NEW DAILY CASES” and flatten this orange curve.

b) Mitigation – By measures such as hospital capacity planning, right protective gear and equipment procurement, readiness to handle cases quickly, effective medication and eventually vaccination. All we are trying to do is rapidly increase “RECOVERED CASES” and improve the green curveAmid this craziness, the one biggest goal for all of us to achieve – to minimize mortality or the “TOTAL DEATH COUNT” and flatten the most important curve; the gray one

Let’s rally together, not only do what we can but also encourage others.

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