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Why should I not go with larger name brand companies?
You want the team that you are working with to pay full attention to you, don’t you? Larger name brand companies are more concerned about their brands, we are more concerned about you. We will make sure that you get the kind of involvement that you expect for the investment that you make. Every member of our team, from the CEO to the very bottom is available anytime to take care of your concerns. It would be difficult to get that from a large name brand company, wouldn’t it?
What will happen to my IP?
We are as concerned, if not more, as you are about your IP. Rest assured we employ all tools at our disposal to take care of your IP. We agree signing NDAs and other agreements to make sure that your IP that is most important to you, stays yours.
Does your team speak English?
Yes. Each member of our team speaks, understands and writes fluent English. English is the language of instruction and increasingly everyday communication in India. Most are taught English as their primary language since grade 1 of school. All technical education is in English. You might be interested in knowing that India has the largest circulation of an English daily in the world – The Times of India.
Will I have to stay awake all night to speak to the team?
Of course not – we know you have a life out of work. We find overlapping times that is convenient to you to speak to the team daily. When there are situations where you have to involve your team on an important meeting during your day time, our team will be available at that time to attend that call. We will do all we can to accommodate our timings to yours.
What if there is an urgent issue in the middle of the day in the US and the team in India is not available?
We are conscious of this possibility. That is why there will always be a US based person willing to assist you in such situations. If need be we can contact someone from the team in India to resolve critical situations. We will do all we can to enable your business run smoothly.
Can someone be available in the US on short notice to work with me?
Yes, we can have someone from the team come to the US to work with you onsite if the situation demands. Most of our team members have long term business visas to the US.
Is it inconvenient and expensive to call India?
Not at all. Rates to India are about 5 cents a minute. But we don’t want you to spend even that much. We have multiple VoIP lines with US numbers set up in all our offices. That enables you to call India without incurring long distance charges.
Will I have to pay in Indian currency?
No. You can pay in US dollars. You can either send us a check or preferably just do a wire transfer.
Will the developers be working on other projects along with mine?
No. If a developer is assigned to you, he/she will be fully devoted to your project full time. We do not have a policy of putting in part time resources as that naturally creates a priority conflict that we want to avoid.
We are very print-focused and have redundant operational processes. How can a CMS solution help?
A Content Management Solution (CMS) can help by centralizing not only your content but also your processes. This can help you achieve operational efficiency in terms of content reuse and consistency in processes.
I have a home-grown/legacy content management system but doesn’t work. Can you fix it?
We can evaluate your overall content management needs vis-a-vis the capabilities of the solution currently in place at your organization, identify gaps and implement fixes. One of the core attributes of a good CMS solution is to bring structured and unstructured content together under a common umbrella – regardless of where they are stored. This doesn’t necessarily mean conversion of unstructured content into structured or merging the two types of content. A good content solution scales to the ongoing growth of both structured and unstructured content.
The licensing cost of a COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) solution is prohibitive. What can you do?
There are many open source solutions available that come at no licensing cost. Many solutions offer add-ons at a small cost after providing the core software for free. Once a solution is chosen, the only cost after that is the cost of implementation. We have optimized the cost of implementation through offshore development where bulk of the implementation is done offshore while critical value components such as business requirements, ongoing communication and co-ordination with business users and development team can be conducted onsite.
I have heard that open source isn’t mature yet to be deployed in a commercial environment. What do you suggest?
Open source is driven primarily by communities. While many open source CMS solutions have strong community presence, some may not be so strong. We can help you make an informed decision about a potential open source solution in your environment. We can also help suggest alternative solutions to be deployed in a commercial environment based on your overall content needs and budget.
I need a plain vanilla CMS solution. What do you recommend?
Many CMS solutions come in a ready-to-configure stage with their own flavors of what they call plain-vanilla or out-of-the-box capabilities. We can help identify and implement a solution upon understanding your basic CMS needs.
My business and processes are very complex and we don’t know if a solution can fully address our needs. How can you help?
We specialize in implementing complex solutions. We understand that one size may not fit all. In such situations, we help you choose the most appropriate solution closest to your needs and integrate with specific tools/systems or custom develop specific functionality, per your needs.
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