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Publishing expertise for web, mobile and print

Our expertise in online publishing systems enable you to focus on core activities of your business. Our goal is to help you stand out in the crowd with cutting-edge mobile and web publishing solutions.

We specialize in multi-format, multimodal content delivery to diverse platforms and devices, automated application management etc. We address various media and publishing hurdles such as frequent content changes, stringent deadlines and workflow bottlenecks through state-of-the-art content management systems.

Our Solution Offerings

Data Conversion Services
Data Conversion Services

Conversion Planning, Data Evaluation, and Analysis, Format Structuring, Image construction, Resizing, Complex equation/formula conversion, Data conversion in different formats. XML, Word, ePub, HTML transformation while preserving the format and with 100% accuracy

Standard Publishing Process Automation
Standard Publishing Process Automation

Portal on the cloud for users to build a virtual library. Buy, rent and sell publications with features such as online reading, annotation, highlight, bookmarking, concurrent access etc. on virtual publications. Download and print secure reading options available for DRM-protected content using a centralized interface.

Digital Transformation and Mobility
Digital Transformation and Mobility

Customized application development services for the SDOs liaising with their company norms and compliances. We simplify and streamline application design and development through visual modeling, instant code generation and automatic deployment to achieve hyper-connected optimization.

Portal for Accreditation Enablement
Portal for Accreditation Enablement

Our accreditation solution offers standard management, facility, faculty, curriculum, program management, assessment, and evaluation. It has a massive dashboard for managing application, user experience, and business performance. With the self assessment feature and robust analytics capabilities, the solution provides high consistency and increased the accuracy of assessment in lesser time.

Workflow & Document Management

Document management system for SDOs to integrate digital asset supervision and distribution directly with other applications, seamless connection to the document management system repository and ability to make changes and save revisions back to the repository. Varied media files support.

Digital Sales
Digital Sales & Distribution

E-commerce store to facilitate various users sell codes, standards, training programs, subscriptions and related material online. Web based portal, with seamless integration between accounting ERP, product information, product inventory, orders, product prices etc. We developed the store on an open-source platform which is accessible over multiple devices including mobile and tablets.

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