InfoBeans acquires Philosophie

Enterprise companies have two critical needs around software and innovation.

They need a reliable steady partner to support their initiatives and keep building and supporting software projects for years and decades.

But they also need a partner to help them see what they can’t see. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Did Royal Carribean know that they could cut their passenger wait time from hours to literally minutes using facial recognition technology?


Did WeWork know that they could bring in 12MM in new sales using a virtual reality sales tool for poorly performing markets?


We have brought together two of the top tech firms in the world to create a cohesive and top-to-bottom company that can not only lead enterprise clients by helping them innovate in radical ways but continue to serve them reliably for years.

An acquisition to create a full-spectrum Digital Transformation and Product Engineering offering for our clients to help them tackle the challenges of the new era.

75% of the Fortune 500’s change within 25 years. We help Fortune 500’s stay firmly in that class by helping them understand, build and design the technological capabilities they need to stay strong in the fast-moving 21st century.

Bringing InfoBeans and Philosophie together has strengthened our digital offerings at the intersection of new software technologies and offered us a strong foothold in the US market. Facebook, Google, Amazon, American Express, UCLA, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Fight Club, Nintendo, etc. are all companies that have gained profoundly from their interactions with Philosophie.

The acquisition, which began during September 2019 and is expected to complete by December 2021, is a harmonious blend of two organizations with vast experience and capabilities.

While InfoBeans is well known for its enterprise-scale application engineering capabilities, Philosophie makes a mark with its human-centered design and is known for its blistering speed. For example, Philosphie shipped the fastest software product in WeWork’s history. Google has said that what took Philosophie 8 weeks would have taken Google 18 months.

In summary, this union will enable the combined entity of these two world-class software firms to provide a much broader spectrum of services to our clients. This acquisition will also help us achieve our shared dream of making InfoBeans Technologies Limited a truly global entity and class leader in the enterprise software and innovation space.

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