Hi Jimi,

I am delighted to welcome you to Espresso Shot: An Insider’s Digest, a space exclusively curated for you. A dear friend and a great client, you have been a source of inspiration and a mentor to many at InfoBeans. We have made an attempt to bring together articles that might excite you, besides a few hand-picked pictures of your visit to the InfoBeans office.  Of course, there is more.

It is a small effort to further strengthen our bonds.



Training diffusion models with reinforcement learning
Suggested by Akhilesh Bhale

In this post, explore how diffusion models can be trained on downstream objectives directly using reinforcement learning (RL)

The EU AI act – What does it mean for you?
Suggested by Ram Lakshmi

This podcast explores The EU AI Act, a groundbreaking law that is the first ever law that will regulate AI. It’s the first major regulatory framework for AI at a continental level, and the world’s first rules on AI. What does it mean for you?


The food doctor: The 6 food lies everyone still believes
Suggested by Rajgopalan Kannan

Coffee is good for you, but orange juice is bad for you, and supposedly ‘healthy’ food isn’t healthy. The food doctor is here to set the record straight on the perfect diet.

A Chinese monk in ancient India
Suggested by Akhilesh Bhale

In this podcast, hear how did South Asian Buddhism catch on in China? How did the interaction between South and East Asia shape the intellectual and economic evolution of Eurasia?


2023 indies you might have missed
Suggested by Anoop Tiwari

This exciting podcast brings forth some truly excellent games from smaller devs that may have passed you by. Games discussed: Kingdom Eighties, Jusant, among others.

Our most anticipated games of 2024 | Sacred Symbols
Suggested by Ram Lakshmi

2023 is done, and it was an undeniably awesome year for the gaming industry. Watch this video of certified gaming enthusiasts to look into what they’re most excited to play in 2024.

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Innovation Day 2024

We’ve recently concluded our annual flagship event, Innovation Day 2024, where a symphony of brilliant ideas resonated as the titans of the InfoBeans team gathered under one roof to showcase their exceptional skills.

InfoBeans certified as a Great Place to Work!

We’ve been certified as a Great Place to Work, marking our 8th consecutive award! This achievement reflects the outstanding work environment that our team has cultivated, reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

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