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Media and Publishing

Become Relevant for the Next

Media and Publishing companies are being impacted by several emerging trends such as digitization, multi-platform content consumption, consumers going digital, and data generation volume across the industry. To keep pace with these new trends, organizations are now striving to manage and analyze changing consumer behavior and extract actionable insights. They are increasingly looking to embrace technology while simultaneously focusing on their relationship with customers.

In response, Infobeans has designed its digitization services that have helped leading media and publishing companies across the globe build next-generation digital platforms on Mobile and Cloud, attract new audiences and retain existing customers and increase audience engagement. We assist media and publishing companies to offer superior experiences across platforms, helped digital publishers engineer monetization models and delivered Machine learning & stream analytics services on the cloud.

Key Differentiators
Help online publishing companies stay ahead by defining new revenue models, leveraging our digital product engineering capabilities, powered by mobile, cloud, and DevOps.
Leverage new-age technologies, automation, and immersive technologies to transform the audience experience, accelerate content production, maximize content monetization, and enable multi-platform engagement.
Capitalize on web-based solutions, mobile, and smart devices and build digital solutions that enable companies to deliver more personalized content over digital channels.
Re-engineer and modernize legacy systems to high-performance digital systems.
What We Do
From building the digital transformation roadmap to designing, developing, testing, and deploying the solution, we help media and publishing companies across the product development lifecycle. Our deep domain expertise and micro-vertical strategy help craft domain-specific solutions for media and publishing enterprises.
Services We Offer
Our digital media and publishing lab offers cutting-edge solutions to simplify several operational aspects
  • Digital Distribution
  • Legal Publishing
  • Standards Development
  • Document Conversion
  • Compliance and Accreditation

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