Automated storage provisioning

Automated storage provisioning using ServiceNow!

InfoBeans can automate storage provisioning on Nimble storage array to help you optimize performance of your SAN network. You don’t need to struggle anymore or run around your SAN administrator for assigning storage capacity to servers, computers, virtual machines and other computing device in your network. InfoBeans offers a simple interface with one-step process to setup access control, performance policies, storage pools, protection selection and thresholds of your server disk drive space.

InfoBeans has developed an intuitive interface that allows user to provision for storage volume need in a single step process using ServiceNow!

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InfoBeans Value Add

Lower cost of maintainance
Offshore deployment to reduce total costs.
Better understanding of Service Impact
Developing dashboards and reporting on compliance
Higher consistency accross data and increased accuracy
High experience in Incident, Problem, Change and Request Management
Rapid and customized implementation of Service operation process areas
Lesser time-to-market with agile adaptation of user stories and rapid development

Reach out if you need:

  • Implementation of ServiceNow
  • Automation and management of dissimilar storage products
  • Problem Management/Incident management solution
  • Service Catalogue management
  • Automation of business process
  • Visual Reporting or data analysis

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