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Offer to help troubled Satyam clients


Siddharth Sethi

January 08, 2009

If you are one of those businesses that are left in the doldrums of the Satyam fiasco, we are here to help. This is an honest and straightforward offer of help and not an opportunistic try at getting new business.

We understand the pain that you must be going through. We know that some of the projects being handled by Satyam would be mission critical ones. And no, we do not want to take advantage of the situation. All we want to do is to see if we can be of any help to customers of this troubled IT company.

We want to show our value to the world, not only as a service provider but also as a partner in need.

Here is what we will do

* We will work with you to create a smooth transition plan

* We will not force you to abandon Satyam all together if that is not what you want. We will just help navigate these uncertain times with a Plan B

* We will not make a financial pitch unless you are totally convinced yourself that you want to move out of Satyam (or any other company’s) portfolio

Please contact us at partners@infobeans.com if you are interested in knowing more about us and how we can help. You can also visit our website – www.infobeans.com to know more about us and our area of operations.

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