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Transforming professional services

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In a realm where expertise and relationships reign, InfoBeans empowers the Professional Services sector with technology solutions that amplify client engagement, streamline operations, and drive measurable business outcomes, all while maintaining the human touch.

meeting in InfoBeans conference room

Innovating the business of expertise

The Professional Services industry thrives on delivering value through knowledge and skill. At InfoBeans, we complement this ethos with cutting-edge technology. By collaborating with consultants, advisors, and experts, we create digital tools that enhance client interactions and optimize internal processes. Whether you’re a law firm aiming to modernize case management or a consulting agency seeking to streamline project delivery, InfoBeans is your partner in leveraging technology to redefine how professional services are delivered and experienced.

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This is one of the fastest deployments, if not the fastest in WeWork history.
Head of Growth
InfoBeans has been a trusted partner for ALM for over 13 years. It has been much more than just your 'run-of-the-mill' vendor/customer relationship.

VP Technology Solutions


Professional Services types of projects SS

Types of professional services projects

  • Client relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Project and resource management platforms
  • Billing and invoicing automation
  • Knowledge management and collaboration portals
  • Analytics and business intelligence dashboards
  • Proposal generation and document management tools
  • Virtual meeting and communication solutions
  • Workflow automation for service delivery
WordPress VIP Silver Agency Partner (Automattic)

We launch secure and fast CMS platforms with our WordPress VIP partnership.

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We work across the entire Salesforce technology ecosystem to help our clients maximize their returns from their Salesforce implementations.

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We work with clients to understand their unique ServiceNow needs and implement solutions that work.

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We help you meet your compliance, governance, and availability requirements for cloud migrations.


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