The Challenge

Expecting parents have a lot going on as they begin to welcome a new member of their family. Employers want to be there for their workers in a stressful time, but with fragmented systems it adds a tremendous amount of busy work to their already busy jobs. Not to mention laws vary on a per municipality level resulting in more confusion.

In 6 weeks we design, built and tested a new potential service for Prudential, POP, which aimed to make expecting parents leave as easy as possible. Pop helps parents set up and execute their leave plan, with reminders, alerts and automatic actions by the app at each step.

What We Made

Coded prototype on web and mobile that included a chatbot, calendar functionality and digital signing. These forms could be automatically submitted to doctors or states, bringing everything together.



Product strategy, user research, product principals, user experience, visual design, competitive analysis, research ops


React, Sketch, InVision, Temi, AirTable

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