From manuscript to print: Automation in Media and Publishing Industry

Automation in Media and Publishing Industry

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The automation of publishing results in a fusion of humans and machine processes; while humans will continue doing what they are good at, writing and editing, the software robots will take care of other aspects of publishing, resulting in a dramatic increase in the supply of information. Since RPA can automate most of the publishing tasks, there will be an increase in the process efficiency that can reduce the time to publish with the help of RPA, which is currently spanning across months. 

How can Robotic Process Automation (RPA) help the publishing industry?

RPA has become an essential stepping-stone for the publishing industry. Once the content is in digital format, it can be seamlessly and automatically transferred from one place to another at virtually no cost: there remains absolutely no need for delivery bikes, bookshops, newsstands, or direct mailings. … Read More

DevOps Topping Trends

DevOps Topping Trends

Thought leaders in the DevOps community predicted 2020 as the year of DevOps and made predictions about the trends that DevOps would foresee as the year rolled. Today, we are towards the end of 2020 with more expectations from DevOps in the coming year. 

But before the DevOps community shares yet another trend for the coming year, let us first navigate the DevOps top trends in 2020. 

Growth of cloud-native DevOps: Owing to faster deployments, scalability, and improved visibility across applications, cloud computing was a hit among DevOps-minded teams all through the year. The teams leveraged the automation and scalable cloud computing features, offered more innovative solutions, and successfully achieved agility, resilience, and increased business value. 

Serverless Architecture: Since Serverless architecture in DevOps offers flexibility and bridges the gap between Dev and Ops, its implementation created a lot of buzz around DevOps this year. With Serverless, developers could focus more … Read More

RPA comes to the legal industry

RPA in legal industry

Seyfarth Shaw LLC, a London, and Chicago based Law Firm, deployed Robotic Process Automation to the firm in 2017. The objective behind the adoption of RPA was to free its lawyers from some of the more mundane legal tasks so they can focus on helping their clients solve the most complex business issues.

Law is one of the most established professions, but due to several cultural, competitive, and economic reasons, law firms have primarily abstained from adopting technological changes. However, the industry is now taking steps to catch up, and Seyfarth was among the pioneers to embrace automation.

Challenges like increased pressure to provide quick services at a lower cost to customers and adherence to compliance has pushed law firms to adopt automation to simplify redundant and complex tasks. A study by Gartner also predicts that “lawbots” will handle a quarter of internal legal requests by 2023, thus … Read More

Drive business success with PWA

Progressive Web Apps

In the second quarter of 2020, users downloaded 28.7 billion apps from Google Play and 9.1 million from the Apple App Store. With an ever-increasing App download and the impact it creates on the business ecosystem, business owners are also venturing into having an App developed. It is now seen more as a necessary step for most companies like it was developing a website many years ago.

PWA is a mobile website with the functionality of an App, giving users the speed of the internet and the experience of a mobile application. It has risen in popularity and is preferred by the users over the native Apps because of issues with the native apps, such as cost and the significant amount of data and storage required on the users’ device. As PWA takes less space and is not heavy on pockets, business owners have also started switching from native … Read More

Accelerate Enterprise Digital Transformation – Finance Close Automation (FCA)

Finance Close Automation

“Once a quarter, I used to do a vanishing act that any professional magician would envy, along with scores of accountants worldwide, I vanished into accounting’s month-end close cycle” writes Amir Jafari, Vice President, and General Manager of ServiceNow’s Finance Business Unit, in a very candid blog he wrote on the painful activity of finance close that every finance professional performs during the quarter close. 

As rightly shared by him, Finance Close is a rigorous, time consuming, and chaotic activity where the likelihood of errors is high. The finance team faces numerous challenges during the Finance Close period, such as 

Long close cycles and high turn around time Excessive manual processes, including emails and spreadsheets, to manage financial close periods.  Inefficient, disparate processes and siloed data  Constant risk of financial-reporting errors and lack of visibility Coordination with a multitude of  team members reporting from different geographies that … Read More

RPA – The first step for automated e-commerce

RPA - The first step for automated e-commerce

Customers have been spoiled!

Kudos to e-commerce giants such as Amazon, who have done a fabulous job of delighting their customers at every step of their purchase journey. A customer who till recently was accustomed to making an online purchase by selecting, ordering, and getting the delivery of the ordered merchandise now expects intuitive interfaces, around-the-clock availability, real-time fulfillment, personalized treatment, global consistency, and zero errors. 

Thanks to automation, which is helping e-commerce companies achieve all this and making it possible to offer products and services swiftly, resulting in a seamless user experience. The companies have raised the bar and increased customer expectations to the extent that they have now become increasingly demanding of online purchase experience. Starting with the amount of time that is spent on a shopping page, the number of clicks, down scroll to reach choice of merchandise, every possible task is automated leaving no spot for … Read More

InfoBeans Exhibits at SES for 3rd Year in a Row


Being virtual has made it even easier to connect during a conference. We can now find each other with one click. Meet us at the 69th SES Conference. Let’s bring the energetic, sharing, and growing with each other kind of vibe we create every year to this year’s virtual SES conference. 

We are excited about this year’s theme“The Value of Standardization and the Standards Professional” and can’t wait to meet, share and learn from each other about our unique journeys through these unique times we all are in together.

The SES (Standards Engineering Society) offers a great platform for the Standards Professional Community to come together to address mutual challenges, opportunities, interests, and successes and take action in the direction of making this world a safer place.

InfoBeans has been a proud exhibitor at SES consecutively for the last three years providing valuable contributions to enhance the standards … Read More

The New Frontier of Automation in Healthcare

Automation in Healthcare

Imagine a process improvement that increases productivity not by 10 or 50 percent, but by 1,000 percent or even more. Envision reducing a process cycle time not by hours or days but weeks and lowering operations costs by manifolds.

It seemed like a pipe dream, but RPA has made all of this a reality.

Wow! But How?

So, when you automate processes, it definitely results in bringing operational efficiency, reducing Turn-Around-Time, and slashing costs. Your doctors and other nursing staff now have more time to personally attend your patients, offering a sense of security and peace of mind to them. Likewise, your administrative staff who were till now entrenched in manually intensive tasks can now perform more value-based tasks resulting in an undeniable increase in their sense of belonging.

Awesome! But What’s in it for the institutions? 

A lot, seriously. And we have the numbers to prove … Read More

ServiceNow Orlando Release: What to Expect

ServiceNow Orlando Release

ServiceNow has now landed in Orlando with exciting features, patch releases, notable changes, and hotfixes to existing functionalities. Not much time has gone since the NewYork release that had path-breaking features like guided app creator, integration hub, two new portals – Operator Workspace and Service Owner Workspace, and made enhancements to the Virtual Agent besides making Agent Workspace available. 

ServiceNow is here again with its Orlando release with major attractions such as updates to Predictive Intelligence, Mobile Onboarding, and Virtual Agent in addition to introducing AI and Analytics in their release. The AI engine in the Now intelligence helps predict issues and automates action through analytics. Both AI and Analytics together improve the speed and efficiency of an incident or problem cycle. 

Here is a consolidated release notes information for new and updated Orlando features:

1. Deeper Insights into Analytics:  

Performance Analytics: Ask questions and receive answers using natural everyday language.

Read More

The new face of Banking: Transformed by RPA


With a “can’t wait to automate strategy”, banks are the frontrunners riding the automation wave. They have successfully shifted the uninspiring and routine tasks to machines while engaging their human resources in more resourceful tasks. The results are phenomenal; there is a dramatic increase in the operational efficiency and improvement in customer experience, among a multitude of other benefits, making automation inevitable for banks.

What made banks the early adopters of the automation wave is the realization of the fact that it is an excellent way to enhance productivity, performance, and to bring round-the-clock efficiency in processes. Challenges such as strict regulations and controls posed by the Government, the rise of the fintechs, change in customer behavior, demand for faster and personalized services, and Mergers and Acquisitions have left banks with no other choice than to embrace automation. 

As it is, the banks spending on IT is twice as much … Read More

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