Data Transformation: The holy grail for modern-day business
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  • icon-calendar June 3, 2021
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Data Transformation

Information is power, and when you have access to the right data, it drives you to huge business growth and success. As per McKinsey Global Institute, data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers and 6 times more likely to retain customers. 

But the real challenge is how to migrate data from various disparate sources to a single readable format and transform it to draw meaningful inferences from it. 

Data transformation plays a significant role here. It includes migration, integration fabrication, and management of data in a manner that aids organizations in making informed decisions, therefore transformation … Read More

Why going Serverless may prove to be better for your business?
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  • icon-calendar May 25, 2021
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Serverless is one of the latest trends that will continue to increase by leaps and bounds over the decade. Research from Globenewswire says that the global Serverless Architecture Market is expected to grow from USD 7,892.67 Million in 2020 to USD 21,912.56 Million by the end of 2025. The burgeoning rise is due to the core idea of moving the burden of provisioning and managing run-time environment on to function cloud. Also, Serverless computing can unlock teams’ capability, allowing them to focus on what they do best: delivering innovative customer experiences. 

What Does “Going Serverless” Mean?

Essentially, a serverless … Read More

InfoBeans named as Automattic Silver Agency Partner
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  • icon-calendar May 20, 2021
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  • Tech TalkCMS

We are extremely excited to announce that InfoBeans is now a Silver Agency Partner with Automattic, the creators and maintainers of WordPress. Being Silver Agency Partner strengthens our relationship with them, and allows us to collaborate even closer with WordPress’ in-house engineers on improvements to both our code and their platform. This partnership will create a new milestone in delivering value to the clients with cost-effective WordPress services and quality applications. The partnership shall be a big plus for our WordPress clients looking for integrations and best-in-class enterprise solutions that are secure, performant, and easy to use. 

About Automattic

Read More

What is so interesting about Experiment Driven Design?
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  • icon-calendar May 18, 2021
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  • User ExperienceTech Talk
Experiment-Driven Design

Let us first look at a case study to understand how experiment-driven design helps companies achieve their business goals.

A global cruise vacation company that controls and operates four global brands with a combined total of 59 ships with an additional 15 on order wanted an app for its guests which allows them to manage their trip, find exciting experiences and memorable meals, and even enter their room without needing to pull out their keys. Since the client operates diverse itineraries around the world that call on all seven continents, the challenge was huge.

The good thing was the client … Read More

Outstanding Implementations on ServiceNow
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  • icon-calendar May 6, 2021
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  • What's HappeningServiceNow
Outstanding Implementations on ServiceNow

Working together, InfoBeans and ServiceNow drive better employee experiences across enterprises. We build a workplace foundation for a successful digital future that maximizes value, and lets employees work the way they want.

Our outstanding implementation cases

We have improved performance and rectified issues with the existing ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management practices of our client, an independent global commodities merchant.  We offered ServiceNow consultation with the implementation of data cleansing & planning, using technologies such as ServiceNow, Java Scripting, Jelly script, HTML, and  CSS. besides delivering Updated Sets of the implemented features, data features, live training sessions and training and process … Read More

Application Modernization – Rehosting, Rebuilding, Replacing
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  • Tech TalkApplication Modernization
Application Modernization

Despite expensive and innovative digital transformation drives, many organizations still run and maintain legacy software. That’s because, over the years, such systems have become fundamental to the way the organization functions, and replacing them with modern alternatives isn’t always that straightforward.

Nevertheless, modernizing legacy systems is something that many enterprises simply must do to increase their network security, enable new software features to be added, and boost their productivity.

Not sure if your legacy systems are causing your organization problems? 

Check if you are facing any of the following

Lack of Agility Data and App Security Aging Infrastructure Monolithic Designs … Read More

RPA can work wonders on these 5 front office tasks
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  • icon-calendar April 27, 2021
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  • Tech TalkRPA
RPA for front office tasks

Your front office is the first touchpoint for your customers. While the back-office functions typically include departments like human resources and accounting that support the vital internal functions of running an enterprise, employees in front-office roles are the front face of your organization, curating and creating the customer service experiences. 

Front-office processes have a significant influence on a customer’s satisfaction who desire a trouble-free and smooth service. A  customer service inquiry that takes an hour to resolve can quickly sink a customer’s perception of your organization. 

Analysts predict a 30% increase in the use of RPA for front-office responsibilities by … Read More

Why embracing mobile UX is essential for your business
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  • icon-calendar April 14, 2021
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  • UXTech Talk
Mobile UX

A mobile App is a retail outlet in your customer’s pocket! Remember, a suboptimal UX design of your App can significantly hurt your engagement level with your customers and, eventually, your business. On the contrary, a remarkable mobile UX design can offer a competitive edge and enable you to attract, engage, convert, and delight your target customers.

Research (Mobile App Download and Usage Statistics (2021)) shows that on an average there are 80+ apps installed on a smartphone. Though people may not be using all of those apps, the average smartphone user spends 3 hours and 10 minutes each … Read More

Microsoft new Azure Arc: Innovation that unlocks more scenarios
  • icon-pen Tarulata Champawat
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  • icon-calendar April 7, 2021
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  • Tech TalkMicrosoft
Microsoft new Azure Arc

Companies around the world are investing in hybrid and multi-cloud technologies to innovate and to meet evolving business needs. The biggest challenge that they face in adapting these technologies is managing and protecting their IT environment while building and running cloud-native applications. 

Microsoft Azure Arc, a suite of technologies that extend Azure management and services to any infrastructure, address all the concerns of customers. It has the capability to provide flexibility and agility that customers seek while providing governance and security.

Run machine learning anywhere with Azure Arc

Azure Arc allows you to run Azure services in your Kubernetes … Read More

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation in Oil & Natural Gas Industry – Making a Future Ready Digital Enterprise
  • icon-pen Manish Malpani
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  • icon-calendar March 23, 2021
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  • Tech TalkRPA
RPA in Oil & Natural Gas Industry

Discover, digitize, automate and optimize processes and functions with our AI-powered intelligent RPA solutions especially made for the Oil and Gas industry and become a future-ready digital enterprise. We are also UiPath premiere partners and offer RPA solutions that are efficient, fast, and scalable.

Robotic Process Automation Use-Cases

Process-wise: Here is a wide range of tasks in Oil and Gas where bots become your best friends.

Automation of field operations – RPA assists in check and alerts management in the field operations. It allows stakeholders and top managers to eliminate repetitive field operations management and be involved only in processes requiring … Read More

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