Blockchain in Insurance – Benefits and Use-cases

Blockchain seems to be the hottest topic in the rapidly changing world of Fintech. And the transformation of the Insurance industry with blockchain predominantly tops the charts. While the technology has the potential to “live up to the hype” and reshape the Insurance industry, it also requires careful collaboration with other emerging technologies, regulators, incumbents, and additional stakeholders to be successful.

Some of the First Mover Insurers (Trailblazers) are looking to blockchain to help drive wider transformation by focusing on access to trusted information and redesigned business models. These Trailblazers not only see the value in participating in the broader … Read More

The Emerging Nexus of AI and Blockchain

Rapid Advancement

Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies have been advancing – and continue to advance – at a staggering pace. What ultimately drives this pace is the new applications and uses being discovered and/or created for these technologies – as rarely does society understand how to extract the full value of a new technology when it is first introduced. Doing so usually takes several years of experimenting with the technology to find optimal uses for it.

This is certainly the case for both AI, or Artificial Intelligence, and blockchain. Both of these technologies are making countless new activities possible in our … Read More

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