Web 3.0 and its impact on the digital era

We cant’ keep calm! Web 3.0 is here.

With tons of promises, opportunities and upgrades, we are optimistic about a paradigm shift that Web 3.0 will offer in the decade to come. In contrast to Web 1.0, which was more static in nature; Web 2.0 which was a storehouse of user-generated content; Web 3.0 is unique and based on the principle of semantic Web. It aims to provide better and relevant internet experience by interpreting the digital footprint of users continuously.

There’s a lot more to Web 3.0 that is worth knowing in the growing digital era.

It rests … Read More

How Machine Learning and AI are Finding a Home in ServiceNow

According to the latest market research on Artificial Intelligence, the overall AI market is expected to stand at USD 16.06 Billion by 2022.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been a hot topic of conversation in every industry. Be it retail, banking, and finance, pharma, healthcare, education, technology (of course)…the growth of AI over the last couple of years has been exponential. AI, the technology that gives machines the capability to self-learn and improve, has been put to use in most of these industries to improve business outcomes and productivity of the workforce by aiding error reduction, completing … Read More

How chatbots can fundamentally change your business operations

Chatbot helps create intelligent applications with the most powerful artificial intelligence technology that provides the user with language, image, video processing and audio analysis. Our chatbot solutions have helped insurance and travel businesses achieve digital transformation, completing the entire sales cycle over a friendly conversation.

“Bots” can help businesses scale their sales, marketing, customer service, and product experience. Industries from healthcare, financial services, retail and e-commerce, and even humanitarian charities have jumped on the bot bandwagon. With exquisite artificial intelligence and cognitive computing capabilities chatbot can track the past interactions and enable an organization to become agile over a period. Its machine learning characteristic helps the user to understand the patterns … Read More

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