Future Blockchain Summit: The Middle East’s Flagship event for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The Future Blockchain Summit — the MENA region’s longest-running exhibition and conference is returning to Dubai World Trade Center from Oct. 10 to 13, 2022. The four-day event will connect critical stakeholders across Blockchain, crypto, and Web3. It is your opportunity to explore topics including the Metaverse, blockchain for enterprise, and the future of digital assets. Shake hands with industry experts and leverage countless networking opportunities, an expert conference program, and transformational workshops to explore distinct themes in and around blockchain.

Meet our experts

Darshana Jain: Meet Darshana, our Blockchain Evangelist who heads the newly established Blockchain Center of Excellence … Read More

Set sustainability as your core business value with Salesforce NetZero cloud

Sustainability is not just a good idea – it has become a matter of self-preservation. And making it an inevitable part of your core values is no longer an option, but a dire necessity for every single organization. When sustainability becomes your core value, you consciously or subconsciously assign higher weights to it. You prefer solutions that lead directly to achieving more sustainable business results, like carbon neutrality or net zero.

Companies as large as Apple, Coca-Cola, and IKEA have gone leaps and bounds to neutralize their footprints and achieve net zero – not only because it’s the call of … Read More

Blockchain in Insurance – Benefits and Use-cases

Blockchain seems to be the hottest topic in the rapidly changing world of Fintech. And the transformation of the Insurance industry with blockchain predominantly tops the charts. While the technology has the potential to “live up to the hype” and reshape the Insurance industry, it also requires careful collaboration with other emerging technologies, regulators, incumbents, and additional stakeholders to be successful.

Some of the First Mover Insurers (Trailblazers) are looking to blockchain to help drive wider transformation by focusing on access to trusted information and redesigned business models. These Trailblazers not only see the value in participating in the broader … Read More

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