5 Reasons Media Companies Love WordPress VIP

Media is a highly competitive business, where time is money and customer loyalty and engagement are the coin of the realm. As more and more media properties emerge every day, consumers have increasing digital choices when it comes to news, sports, entertainment, and other content. 

If those experiences aren’t fast, amazing, engaging, and tuned to the topics or trends that speak to your audience, the competition is just one click away. And that means lost eyeballs and lost advertising dollars. 

From agile content publishing to understanding how to optimize that content, the WordPress VIP content management platform delivers rock-solid performance, … Read More

Boost your Manufacturing business with worlds #1 CRM Salesforce
World’s #1 CRM - Salesforce

CRM offers several distinct advantages to businesses within the Manufacturing industry:

Connect with customers Manage and boost sales Handle customer service issues and Seamless Collaboration across multiple departments to provide excellent customer service and rise in productivity.

Salesforce offers these benefits through their unique cloud systems which integrate with each other and offer outstanding options, service, and performance.

Below mentioned are a few of the main systems of Salesforce and how they can be utilized to the benefit of the manufacturing industry:

Social Media Monitoring with Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides convenient and highly functional ways for … Read More

Why Every Sales-team Needs A CPQ Software ?
CPQ Software

CPQ is a sales enablement tool used within a quote to cash process during sales cycle. Any organization selling their products / services may look for such a tool for below reasons: 1.Quickly Create Quotes

Time is essence in today’s world and customers are demanding instant quotations. In such dynamic condition traditional way of creating quotes may take days before they are submitted to customer. CPQ tool provides capabilities to generate quotes in few minutes. Even quotes with complex customization and dynamic pricing may not take more than few hours to produce.

2.Improve Accuracy

Its essential that sales … Read More

What is Revenue Cloud?
Revenue Cloud

According to recent State of the Connected Customer report, 80% of business buyers say the experience a company provides is as important as its product or service, and 74% have used multiple channels to start and complete a transaction. However, delivering on this experience involves a maze of disparate people, processes and stakeholders including not only sales, but finance, partners, digital commerce, operations and IT. It gets more complex as businesses grow with partner networks or acquisitions. There are also compliance and legal rules around revenue reporting that make accuracy critical. To address the issue Salesforce has introduced Revenue cloud.

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Holiday Tips Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein

2020 has been a year like no other but you have tried your best and set the Q4 goals with well thought promotional campaigns and carefully drafted creatives so I want to share 3 tips using #MarketingCloud #Einstein that could very well be just the fairy dust you need for that dreamy customer experience this holiday season

Marketing Cloud Einstein has multiple features but these are my recommendations for organizations wanting to catapult the growth this holiday season

Predicts you consumer engagement with Einstein Engagement Scoring

It aggregates your customer data into a dashboard to provide audience-level insights and individual … Read More

Driving Success with Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The customer experience that an organization provides is critical to its success. Each consumer has a varying need, and companies must meet customer expectations. This is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the #1 intelligent marketing platform helps by delivering personalized journeys across channels and devices. With Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, it is easy to be able to manage 1-to-1 customer journeys throughout the entire lifecycle while creating effective experiences using various marketing tools on a single platform.

With the Marketing Cloud platform, one can create multi channel experiences, contact customers through the right channel (email, SMS, push notifications, social ads, etc.), at … Read More

Salesforce Summer 21 Release Highlights

The leading CRM giant, Salesforce, has released its much-awaited June ‘21 release highlights. They have some new and really exciting features for their users. Also, this release is all set to help email marketing professionals to boost their brand value through powerful emails! Here are the six significant highlights from the recent release of Salesforce Summer 21.

Salesforce CDP Enhancement The powerful platform for connecting your customer data in a single place has a new name to better reflect exactly what the product is. The newly renamed Salesforce CDP is Salesforce’s Customer Data Platform. With Salesforce CDP, users can connect … Read More

Make your Email experience more seamless with Pardot

Firstly, let us understand what Pardot is and how it contributes in achieving your goals.

Pardot is a customizable B2B marketing automation solution provided by Salesforce. It automates your Marketing activities by seamlessly connecting your sales and marketing departments in order to deliver the best solutions. Through Pardot, marketers can generate more leads and ensure increased conversations by moving these leads through various stages of the pipeline in a short span of time. Pardot also helps you to manage and view dynamic reports based on your projects.

Track your prospects’ interactions and generate leads

Pardot helps you to track and modify how … Read More

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: January 2021 Release Highlights

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has been rapidly evolving since past few years. Every new release of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud brings new features and enhancements to the platform, making it the best Marketing tool. Here are a few exciting features from the recent release of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: January 2021 Release Highlights

AMP for Marketing Emails

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source web component framework with mobile-first mindset and provides a straightforward way to create web pages that are fast, smooth-loading and prioritize the user-experience above all else. The framework helps in taking customer’s Email interaction experience … Read More

A Salesforce Revolution – Social Studio

Digital Marketing has become an intrinsic part of everybody’s life. Right from personal use to professional use, Digital marketing is a playground for people to keep their lives updated as well as to network with potential clients which will help their business grow. Right from buying a new pair of shoes to papping at scenic beauties is so much #fomo. Salesforce has tapped in this revolution to enhance new marketing landscapes, engaging the Social Media users in Lead Capturing, nurturing or a quick service desk.

Social Studio is a platform where you can market, watch your risk factors performance or … Read More

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