Top Trends shaping Digital Transformation in 2022

2022 has almost arrived and we are already excited to witness a whole year of technological breakthroughs, connected experiences, hybrid workplaces, and revolutions that will create history. We have brought together top trends in digital transformation that the world will foresee and enterprises will adopt to become future-ready.

Over the past two years, the world has been going through a grueling experience of the pandemic and doing every bit to create the next normal.  Technology such as automation and cloud has played a pivotal role in combating the effects of the pandemic and maintaining business continuity and employee morale. … Read More

Keys to Become a future-ready Organization
Digital Transformation

Being future-ready has different meanings for different organizations, which predominantly depends upon their products, markets they operate, customer base, and workforce. While there are no thumb-rules that decide whether the organization is future-ready or not, there are several ways in which organizations can become future-ready and improve their odds of thriving in the next normal.

Invest in Digital Transformation 


The pandemic has slung digital transformation to the highest point in the brains of CIOs. It has become the go-to process for companies to enhance their customer experience and produce higher ROI. Organizations with a physical presence should move their … Read More

Avoid These Mistakes If You Wish to Succeed with Digital Transformation
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The pace of adoption of new technologies is increasing phenomenally. To give a simple example, it took the humble telephone decades to reach 50% of the households, cell phones were adopted in less than five years. Clearly, organizations across the globe are getting increasingly focused on anticipating new technology trends in order to stay ahead of the curve. As we enter the golden era of technological innovation, digital transformation is moving from being a buzzword to an organizational necessity.

In order to compete in this digital world, businesses have to transform and make way to adopt new … Read More

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