Pro-tips and survival kit for a hassle-free Dreamforce 2022 experience

It’s just a week until Dreamforce 2022. That’s right, you can almost start counting down on your hands! As September 20th speeds toward us, we’re back with Dreamforce Survival Kit, dishing out tips and tricks, both for in-person and virtual attendees to make sure you’re prepped to have an epic time.

Dreamforce – A congregation of luminaries, notable speakers, enthusiastic attendees, and inquisitive customers.

Dreamforce 2022 is taking place next week and it is the 20th anniversary of this incredible event! Something that started as a gathering of a handful of customers, has metamorphosed into the largest software conference in … Read More

Dreamforce – An event where the future happens

Dreamforce, Salesforce’s biggest event of the year, is back in full swing from 20th to 22nd September, San Francisco. Since it is their 20th anniversary this year, expect a lot of fun and frenzy during the three days, besides meeting long-lost friends and celebrating togetherness.

What you will miss if you are not attending Dreamforce 2022

A cover-to-cover lineup of speakers

As always, meeting industry stalwarts is the biggest takeaway from such events. And Dreamforce is a place to be. Celebrities, activists, and world-class athletes, all are coming to Dreamforce to tell their stories, and inspire yours.

Marc Benioff:Co-CEO and … Read More

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud – Exchange customer data seamlessly and support financial agents
Salesforce Cloud

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, a lightning-powered integrated platform, is designed to assist clients in achieving their financial goals and deepen relationships with clients using the enhanced customer 360-degree view.

One of the most coveted Salesforce products for the finance industry, Financial Services Cloud (FSC) is a managed package that enhances and extends the functionality of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to meet the needs of wealth management firms, insurance companies, and banks.

Regardless of which financial services sector, FSC has the potential to solve any challenge businesses face. From providing real-time access to critical data to providing meaningful … Read More

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