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Salesforce CRM, CDP & DMP : Similarities & Differences!

Today every business strives to provide a customer-centric experience for its customers. However, the question arises, how to do it? Because to be truly customer-centric, you must understand your customers’ preferences and the context in which they interact with your organization. This requires real-time data and the linkage of that data across relevant marketing touch points.

Therefore, Salesforce CRMs, CDPs & DMPs come into play!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), & Data Management Platforms (DMPs) all have the same goal: to effectively gather customer data from a variety of sources, store it, and use it in the … Read More

Salesforce IoT Cloud – Taking CRM to the Next Level

IoT is something that has reset the tech game board. Earlier considered a wild card, it is now slowly cementing its place as a seasoned player.

In the simplest terms, IoT or the “Internet of Things” is any device with an on/off switch that is connected to the Internet. 

From the Fitbits on our wrists and the wifi in our cars to home-monitoring systems like Nest and Hive, IoT has already become a part of our lives.


Salesforce IoT Cloud Platform – ahead of the game

Salesforce, of course, is never far behind when it comes … Read More

Creating WOW in Baner, Pune!

We have a new address!​​ Baner, Pune.

Opening new doors, and doing new things!

We have moved to a new and swankier office. 

It is InfoBeans’ third office in Pune, after Vimaan Nagar and Aundh. We have grown from a small area and team size to a sprawling office in a business commercial hub housing 500+ employees! Currently situated at Baner, Pune, the office is centrally located in the business hub of Pune.  We thank our team, clients, and investors who have supported and encouraged us through our journey and inspired us to achieve our goals.

We witnessed an impressive … Read More

Pro-tips and survival kit for a hassle-free Dreamforce 2022 experience

It’s just a week until Dreamforce 2022. That’s right, you can almost start counting down on your hands! As September 20th speeds toward us, we’re back with Dreamforce Survival Kit, dishing out tips and tricks, both for in-person and virtual attendees to make sure you’re prepped to have an epic time.

Dreamforce – A congregation of luminaries, notable speakers, enthusiastic attendees, and inquisitive customers.

Dreamforce 2022 is taking place next week and it is the 20th anniversary of this incredible event! Something that started as a gathering of a handful of customers, has metamorphosed into the largest software conference in … Read More

Dreamforce – An event where the future happens

Dreamforce, Salesforce’s biggest event of the year, is back in full swing from 20th to 22nd September, San Francisco. Since it is their 20th anniversary this year, expect a lot of fun and frenzy during the three days, besides meeting long-lost friends and celebrating togetherness.

What you will miss if you are not attending Dreamforce 2022

A cover-to-cover lineup of speakers

As always, meeting industry stalwarts is the biggest takeaway from such events. And Dreamforce is a place to be. Celebrities, activists, and world-class athletes, all are coming to Dreamforce to tell their stories, and inspire yours.

Marc Benioff:Co-CEO and … Read More

Salesforce Enters into Crypto World With New NFT Cloud

Almost every day, you must have heard people talking about Digital. You must have seen many small & big businesses trying to ride this digital Transformation wave as well. However, many businesses or marketers still struggle to understand their customer’s entire journey.

Salesforce Enters into Crypto World With New NFT Cloud

Crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have continued to attract investors and there is a steep surge in masses embracing the decentralized ecosystem of Web3, blockchain, and metaverse.In order to create a new platform for buying and selling digital assets, Salesforce has taken … Read More

Multi-factor Authentication In Salesforce

User credentials are frequently treated insecurely. Employees reuse them repeatedly, and single-factor authentication leaves them to fend for themselves. This process has resulted in billions of dollars being stolen and massive data breaches that take months, sometimes years, to recover.

As a result, implementing a safer, smarter, and user-friendly solution is critical. Multi-factor authentication is one of the simplest and most effective methods for encrypting your data and preventing illegal account access.

What is Multi-factor Authentication??

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication system that validates a user’s identity using two or more distinct procedures rather than just a username and … Read More

Tableau vs. Tableau CRM – Know The Difference!

Great customer experience is built on data. Without data analytics, finding a conclusion could be difficult. Tableau and Tableau CRM, from Salesforce, provide data visualization. These are simple to use and can be integrated with existing databases, applications, or CRMs.

Tableau and Tableau CRM are great reporting applications, but there are some notable distinctions. One of the key differences is- Tableau CRM is unique to Salesforce’s ecosystem. On the other hand, Tableau is a self-contained program. Both tools are effective; however, depending on the use case, one may be preferable to the other for each organization.

To understand it better, … Read More

Top 4 Reasons to Implement Salesforce CRM in Manufacturing Industry

The first industrial revolution began in the 19th century when it transitioned from agricultural to factory production. Today it has arrived at Industry 4.0, a development phase that encourages manufacturing to become more digitalized.

Digitalization brought some new challenges in the manufacturing industry, such as:

Arduous to implement a flexible business methodology that can be tailored to the customer’s behaviors and needs. Difficult to select the best technology to implement among various options. Accurate forecasting to recognize market trends and shifts. The high cost of technologies, budget constraints need to be considered.

Today Manufacturing companies have recognized that for successfully … Read More

Have You Build Customer Journey With Journey Builder!

Almost every day, you must have heard people talking about Digital Transformation. You must have seen many small & big businesses trying to ride this digital Transformation wave as well. However, many businesses or marketers still struggle to understand their customer’s entire journey.

Reason? Constant changes in customer expectation, preferences, and buying behavior!

Now to understand your customer’s mindset, it’s essential to study their entire customer journey.


But what is a Customer Journey?

Every day, customers interact with businesses in dozens of ways. The way, the time, and the order in which every customer interacts on various media and … Read More

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