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ServiceNow ITAM: A Must-Have for Modern Businesses
ServiceNow ITAM

Samira is a Chief Technology Officer and relatively new to the organization. She wants a comprehensive report on every laptop, computer, external monitor, keyboard, mouse, headset, desk phone, and hard drive to make sure that valuable resources aren’t being wasted on redundant assets. 

She also wants a report on every program on each system and information on when the licenses for each program will expire. 

As an integral member of the IT team, are you filled with dread? 

If you’re already sweating at the idea of finding the data for these reports, have no fear. 

ServiceNow IT Asset Management is … Read More

CodeGenie: A Revolutionary Tool for ServiceNow Admins and Developers

Introducing CodeGenie, the AI-powered solution for ServiceNow developers and administrators that’s about to change the game! Imagine having the ability to get a ready-to-deploy and bug-free ServiceNow code in just a few minutes. Welcome to the era of effortless code generation with Code Genie!

ServiceNow is a powerful platform for managing IT services and operations. But at times creating custom widgets, client scripts, and business rules becomes a complex and time-consuming process for administrators and developers.

That’s where CodeGenie comes in.

This innovative tool is designed to simplify the process of customizing ServiceNow by using … Read More

Can Your ServiceNow be Blockchain (DLT) Enabled?

The hype around blockchain refuses to die down and there’s a reason for it. Blockchain is no longer the new kid in the tech playground–it’s now the most popular kid in school. It is slowly transforming itself from being a luxury to a necessity. 


Imagine that company A wants to outsource its customer service to company B. Now, company B does a fine enough job, however, more often than not, company A finds itself in the dark as to what exactly company B is doing. Communication is lagging, records keep changing and it’s hard to keep track of the … Read More

ServiceNow Tokyo Release – Features and Enhancements

The Tokyo release is here and it’s time to find out what ServiceNow developers believe to be their favorite features in this release. We have covered some features that impact App Engine Automation & customer service management.

Overview of the Tokyo Early Availability (EA) release

Customer Service Management Case resolution through AI : Resolve customer cases faster with automation and AI. Auto-populate fields, detect customer sentiment and extract attachment data for more complete case files. Industry data models : Unify business operations across internal and external business locations. Define and register franchises, dealerships, and staff. Field Service Management Territory planning … Read More

Automate and Connect anything to ServiceNow with ServiceNow Intelligent Automation

In a world where going faster with greater consistency is a desired outcome, automation is one of the most pivotal factors that helps achieve both – speed and consistency. It differentiates high performing businesses from those struggling to keep up, giving the former a clear competitive edge – higher revenues, improved workforce productivity and fewer business continuity disruptions.

ServiceNow provides a comprehensive cloud platform to drive end-to-end automation that helps your business realize new levels of efficiency, integration and productivity. Automation engine offers a native low code suite of automation and integration capabilities that work cohesively with both your modern … Read More

ServiceNow San Diego Release- Features and upgrades

ServiceNow’s San Diego release is just around the corner – and we can’t wait to tell you about it!


– Next Experience UI, Experience Builder, and Employee Center updates – Updates in ITSM – rebuilt Survey Model and enhancements to Problems vs. Incidents – New features in HR including the Anonymous Report Center – More updates in Procurement, Asset, Strategic Portfolio Management

We all have reached a point where the world is beginning to embrace the new normal – a digital-first era where business and government leaders are putting their best foot forward to refine and optimize plans for … Read More

The best of Rome Release from ServiceNow
The best of Rome Release from ServiceNow

The Rome release is just around the corner, and just like any release from ServiceNow, Rome also has a lot of fab new features and enhancements. We took a sneak peek into the new instance to give you a summary of some great new features being added. The article focuses on the technical aspects primarily relevant for Admins, Developers, and Security teams.

Mobile App Builder – Mobile App Builder will be your new go-to place for Mobile Apps, replacing the current Mobile Studio. A powerful, streamlined interface allows to create and configure rich mobile experiences. This plugin can be integrated with … Read More

Outstanding Implementations on ServiceNow
Outstanding Implementations on ServiceNow

Working together, InfoBeans and ServiceNow drive better employee experiences across enterprises. We build a workplace foundation for a successful digital future that maximizes value, and lets employees work the way they want.

Our outstanding implementation cases

We have improved performance and rectified issues with the existing ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management practices of our client, an independent global commodities merchant.  We offered ServiceNow consultation with the implementation of data cleansing & planning, using technologies such as ServiceNow, Java Scripting, Jelly script, HTML, and  CSS. besides delivering Updated Sets of the implemented features, data features, live training sessions and training and process … Read More

ITSM Trends 2021
ITSM Trends 2021

Future of ITSM: A Sneak-Peek

The areas ITSM practitioners are concerned about most today revolves around the future of ITSM this year. As per the forecast, between now and 2024, the global ITSM is expected to grow by 7.58% YoY and eventually reach $3.29 billion (Source: That is staggering and indicates a steep upsurge in ITSM for the next 5 years.

From digital transformation to automation, customer experience to Enterprise Service Management, ITSM covers different facets. This blog outlines various ITSM trends that will likely be relevant to your organization and its priorities in 2021.

A combination … Read More

Employee Onboarding gets a new meaning with ServiceNow HRSD
Employee Onboarding - ServiceNow HRSD

As we enter into 2021, strategic employee onboarding continues to be the key focus for many organizations. The Human Capital Institute has found that companies invested in improving the onboarding experience are more likely to see critical benefits, such as increased engagement levels, decreased time to proficiency, and reduced employee turnover.

ServiceNow, which helps companies manage digital workflows, offers an efficient Human Resource Service Delivery (HRSD) module for organizations that seriously aim to reduce their onboarding effort. The module is dedicated to digitizing and streamlining all HR processes and activities and levels up employee experience. Whether for a startup … Read More

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