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How You Can Improve the User Experience with ServiceNow

Experience matters! Especially the user experience

“Of the user, by the user, for the user” has become the motto of good user experience design. But it’s not just consumer UX that’s important. Enterprise UX is all set to have its day in the sun as ServiceNow focuses on UX across the entire product ecosystem.

But it is difficult to ascertain where to improve the experience that will have a direct impact on productivity.  

There are a few areas and techniques through which the user experience can be enhanced. We’ve identified three essentials that successful ServiceNow customers use to … Read More

5 Best Tools for Data Visualization – When data leads, transformation follows

Consider the below image

And this one too

Which one looks better?

The latter one? No-brainer, isn’t it?


Because the data presented in that visualization is pretty easy to understand. You can infer a lot of information in just one go. 

Data visualization is an essential aspect of data analysis. Visualization allows us to better understand complex data sets, spot trends, and identify patterns. The right data visualization tools can help organizations and individuals make data-driven decisions, gain insights, and present their findings in a way that is easily understandable. In this blog post, we’ll take a … Read More

ProtoVid – Convert Your Prototypes into Easily Shareable Videos

The blog is written by Anshul Sharma, Senior Visual Designer and the team captain. The team’s motto is to transform the way design is communicated. We have proudly called ourselves ‘Humans of UX’.

The process of creating a prototype is crucial for us, as designers. It allows us to test and refine our ideas before the final product is developed. However, the design community faces several challenges when creating a prototype. These challenges can be related to design iterations and the ability to convey ideas effectively to stakeholders.

When I say, communicating our ideas and designs to stakeholders, I primarily … Read More

Philosophie is now InfoBeans Accelerate

As one of the original founders of Philosophie, the Design & Innovation studio acquired by InfoBeans in 2019, I am proud to share the exciting news of our new team name – InfoBeans Accelerate.

Just as the last 3 years have demonstrated, we will continue to serve our team and clients the same way we always have, but with even more global strength and skill.

Skot and I originally named the company Philosophie in 2008 based on the line “All work is an act of philosophy”. We used that phrase as a colophon across the web in the early days. … Read More

Five Creative Ways to Recruit Users for Research

You are ready to validate your work with real potential users. Awesome. The next question I often get is how do I find these users? How do you recruit them to speak with you?

Sometimes you just need to get creative. Over the years, we’ve used dozens of different methods. This post outlines five of our favorite methods. I hope one of these could work for you or inspire you to try something completely different for your next experiment.

Before you recruit

Two key steps need to happen before you recruit your interviewees:

You need to know who your … Read More

Hallmarks of a good user experience

User experience serves as your plan of action. A secret sauce on your path to victory. It is integral in two scenarios – to win more business and one-up the competition. It is not enough to use user experience to keep up with the competition, instead, strive for exceptional user experience for a distinct competitive advantage.

First things first, a good user experience (UX) is one that addresses the needs of the user efficiently. And evokes an emotion of either surprise, shock, or delight when the experience exceeds expectations.

So, are you abreast with what makes for a good user … Read More

Five Working Principles that make us better builders

What makes us different? We are not the only organization that produces exceptional work for our clients. What sets us apart is our working principles.

These principles flow into who we hire. Who we work with. And ultimately how we work. This approach isn’t for everyone. And that’s ok! For the right people and clients, it unlocks incredible results.

Our five working principles are: Same Team; People Before Pixels; Less, But Better; :shipit: and Make It Better. These principles all are dual sided – they reference the products we are building and the team dynamics.

Same Team

There is no … Read More

Three ways Experiment Dashboards help you build better products

Big Tech’s market cap is crumbling. Startup valuations are dropping rapidly. Companies need to be smarter and invest their resources where they can deliver maximum impact. Organizations more than ever need to be able to track decisions and learnings so institutional knowledge isn’t lost as team members come and go (hello great resignation). A standard place to share can help deliver accelerated product growth and innovation. What is an Experiment Dashboard

In Experiment Driven Design we break down big ideas into smaller testable experiments. The length of an experiment may vary, but what does not vary is that … Read More

AI in Insurance – The new disruptor

Predict and Prevent’ is the new wave in insurance enabled by AI.

While ‘predict’ means the use of predictive data modeling techniques that helps insurers identify and target potential markets where the need for insurance is high,  ‘Prevent’ means to make use of data to reveal behavior patterns, common demographics, and characteristics, so insurers can take proactive actions to prevent last hour claim processing and fraud.

The need for AI in insurance

What makes AI enter the world of insurance is the astonishing amount of data that the industry has, which was, before AI, processed and interpreted manually – a … Read More

Reduce Waste in Software

The truth is that most software sucks. It is hard to use. It frequently takes longer to build than originally budgeted. And it rarely meets the business objectives. In fact, over 70% of Digital Transformation efforts fail. Considering that 7.3 trillion dollars are expected to be spent on digital transformation over the next 2 years, that’s a lot of money wasted. That’s compounded by user frustration, missed outcomes, and annoyed colleagues.

This is a big reason why the majority of businesses fail in their first 5 years and 90% of Fortune 500 businesses from 50 years ago either don’t exist … Read More

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