Busting 5 Myths About WordPress and WordPress VIP

The good and the not so good, what have you heard about WordPress and WordPress VIP? From “open source isn’t safe” to “WordPress VIP is CMS overkill,” there are plenty of myths and misconceptions in the wild that need addressing.

Let’s start setting the record straight with these 5.

WordPress VIP myth 1: Anything based on open source code is insecure

WordPress VIP proudly has its roots in open source. Rather than a liability, it’s actually one of the platform’s strengths.

Yes, by definition, open source operates in the open, freely available to a worldwide network of developers. But here’s … Read More

Avoiding CMS Disaster: Scaling WordPress for High Traffic With WordPress VIP
Avoiding CMS Disaster - Scaling WordPress for High Traffic with WordPress VIP

Yikes! We’re getting 100 times more requests than normal! Why is it happening? Where did it come from? Is our website up for the challenge and capable of scaling to meet the demand?

Everyone knows having a performant website is a business imperative, especially during peak traffic periods in the wake of major marketing campaigns or breaking news. But in a modern enterprise ecosystem, many other factors, some random and unpredictable, can also cause traffic spikes. Think everything from celebrity endorsements, inflammatory posts, and major events like U.S. Election Night, to deep technical issues like bad deployments of decoupled … Read More

What You Should Know Before Developing for the WordPress VIP Platform

Among many other WordPress myths lies the idea that WordPress is not performant at scale. In reality, WordPress VIP was built specifically for that reason: to handle high-traffic and high-security websites with ease.

Other WordPress hosting platforms—like WP Engine—are not equipped to address the pain points often experienced by enterprise-grade websites. Here’s how and why WordPress VIP looks different from other hosts you may be familiar with.

WordPress VIP versus other WordPress hosting platforms

Before we jump into the development environments of WordPress VIP and other WordPress hosting platforms, it’s important to know the main functional and operational differences … Read More

WordPress 6.1: Hot Takes for Enterprise Content Creators
WordPress 6.1 Hot Takes for Enterprise Content Creators

The WordPress 6.1 release consolidates and expands the customization tools—e.g., an improved block editor—introduced in recent versions of the world’s most popular CMS

Yes, “usability and refinement” are front and center, but that description doesn’t do this release justice. 

And here’s why.

Top 3 “What’s-in-WordPress 6.1?” themes to pay attention to:

Ensuring better design consistency Creating richer, more engaging experiences Enjoying a better, more powerful block editor

Let’s dive in. 

Ensuring better design consistency

WordPress 6.1 continues to up its game when helping make your site stay consistent with brand guidelines and requirements.

For example, more … Read More

How Do I Make My Enterprise WordPress Site Multilingual?

WordPress VIP makes localization for enterprise sites easier than most CMSes. Though the process of localization can be complicated, it comes with numerous benefits to both you and your audience. So, if you want to know how to make your site localized (and therefore multilingual), you’ve come to the right place.

Benefits of a multilingual, localized site

Offering personalized site content, tailored to specific languages and cultures, is well worth the investment. With a multilingual site, you’ll likely experience the following benefits:

Improved customer experience and user experience (CX/UX), resulting in more conversions Expansion to new audiences and markets … Read More

3 Downsides to Self-Hosted WordPress for Your Business Website

Weighing the time and costs involved in planning, building, and maintaining a content management system (CMS) isn’t easy. In fact, one of the major decisions business leaders, from marketing to IT, face is choosing a CMS and where to host it. 

You can self-host WordPress—the world’s most popular CMS—in your own data centers or on an infrastructure provider, like Amazon’s AWS, GCP, or Azure. But self-hosting can be incredibly painful for an organization. It’s hard to keep everything up to date, deal with system issues and late-night fire drills, manage security, and optimize platform performance. 

Worse, without the right resources, … Read More

5 Reasons Media Companies Love WordPress VIP

Media is a highly competitive business, where time is money and customer loyalty and engagement are the coin of the realm. As more and more media properties emerge every day, consumers have increasing digital choices when it comes to news, sports, entertainment, and other content. 

If those experiences aren’t fast, amazing, engaging, and tuned to the topics or trends that speak to your audience, the competition is just one click away. And that means lost eyeballs and lost advertising dollars. 

From agile content publishing to understanding how to optimize that content, the WordPress VIP content management platform delivers rock-solid performance, … Read More

Planning to migrate from WordPress to WPVIP?
Migrate to WPVIP

Migrating a website is a daunting task with many considerations and stakeholders, especially for large businesses with extensive content libraries and editorial workflows. 

Whether you’re migrating from a WordPress website or a different platform, use our website migration checklist to cover the crucial things you should consider before migrating your business-critical website to WordPress VIP.

Website migration doesn’t have to be scary, even for a business with a massive digital portfolio. 

But to execute a successful migration, you must fully understand the scope and nature of your migration project. You can use our checklist to get started.

Preparing for your … Read More

How to Convince Your Boss to Migrate to WordPress VIP

So, you’re fully convinced that WordPress VIP would make sense for your organisation (and probably make your job easier in the process) but you’re not sure how to start the conversation with the decision makers of your organisation.

Allow us to help. While you could just send them this blog in a not-so-subtle hint, you’re probably better off having a more formal discussion about everything a migration to WordPress VIP entails and the benefits it promises. 

We are going to walk you through an insight-driven plan that is proven to work on even the most stubborn sceptics.

Let’s start!

Here … Read More

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