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Raise Your WordPress Security to the Next Level with WordPress VIP

No one wants to be the next breaking news headline for suffering a customer data breach or a catastrophic site collapse.

Threats online today exist in various forms—from bots scanning for known vulnerabilities to script kiddies, cyber gangs, and even nation state actors. 

For beleaguered IT teams, ensuring an online presence isn’t compromised can feel like more than a full-time job, “running just to stand still.” Unfortunately, that often leaves precious little bandwidth for the real task of preparing a site, its infrastructure, and business for its future state.

In this blog, we explore five ways organizations and their IT … Read More

How to Prevent Website Downtime with WordPress VIP

What does it actually mean for a site to be considered down?

Often that depends on whom you ask.

For a website to be considered down, it may mean a number of different things:

The website is completely unavailable. The website is online but unusably slow. The website is giving error messages for certain users or locations. The website is working for most visitors, but some simply can’t log in to their CMS, for example, to create, edit, or publish content. 

No matter the cause or degree, the impact of website downtime can be serious, from lost ecommerce orders and … Read More

Cha-ching! How the WordPress VIP and Ecommerce Combo Pays Off

The ecommerce space race isn’t a flash in the pan. And from the start, they were greeted by serious consumer demand. Shoppers in 2020 had nowhere to go, so they went online. Global retail ecommerce sales grew by 25%, hitting $4.2 trillion. Even as the world reopened, experts predicted that global ecommerce sales would soon approach $5 trillion.  

The pandemic changed how we do business. People responded to 2020’s dynamic medical, cultural, and financial hurdles with agility, and in the face of adversity, entrepreneurism triumphed. 2021’s first quarter saw the creation of 303,000 new US-based businesses, 16,000 more than the … Read More

Inside WordPress VIP’s New Multisite Management Capabilities

The newly launched WordPress VIP multisite features offer customers even more control and management capabilities.

WordPress VIP’s multisite structure is built to reduce the logistical pain of handling multiple individual applications—enabling multiple sites within a single WordPress instance and database, with centralized control of code, accesses, plugins, and themes.

A multisite is ideal for organizations with:

Multiple sites managed by the same people Multiple sites that share themes or plugins Split responsibilities for a site by directory structure Frequent new site creatio Audiences in multiple languages

Benefits of multisite on WordPress VIP

With easy website management, complete access … Read More

How to Improve Website Performance With WordPress VIP

No one likes to… wait… wait…. wait…

Having a site that performs like a digital superhero is a business imperative, especially when you’re making a first impression with a potential customer researching your organization.

The following website performance statistics should strike fear in the heart of every site developer and engineer, not to mention your brand marketing team:

One in two users will abandon a site if it takes longer than four seconds to load. Source: BBC. A one-second delay results in a 16% drop in user satisfaction. Source: LoadStorm. Fifty-three percent of … Read More

A Guide to Choosing the Most Secure WordPress Hosting

When content is critical to your business’s growth, you need the most secure WordPress hosting platform to give you confidence that your website is rock-solid. But in a world where security incidents occur with increasing frequency, WordPress security can be overwhelming.

How do organizations know when a WordPress platform is secure enough for their needs?

Read our guide to learn the critical features and capabilities to look for when choosing the most secure WordPress platform for your business.

Protection of business-critical dataWhen looking at enterprise-grade WordPress platforms, ensure that database infrastructure is not shared … Read More

5 Signs to Look for Before Changing Your Enterprise Content Platform

Forrester, a leading analyst firm, predicts 25% of brands will improve the quality of their customer experience in the coming years.

The surprising part? How those gains are made.

According to Forrester’s customer experience predictions, enterprises realize that the majority of customer experience gains come from “finding and fixing problems, often in their back-end systems and processes.”

Content is at the heart of a digital customer experience. Addressing infrastructure problems in the content creation lifecycle helps enterprise marketers create more effective content at every stage of the customer experience journey.

If improving the quality of your digital customer experiences is … Read More

What is WordPress VIP (And is it Right For You)?

So, here’s the big question: Is WordPress VIP the right choice for your organization?

Let’s find out!

First things first, WordPress VIP was purpose-built for the highest volume, most security conscious, and most demanding digital properties. If you check the web to learn about a major world news event, visit the website of one of the largest companies in the world, or access information from a government site, there’s a reasonable chance that WordPress VIP delivers the content you find.


Content agility

WordPress VIP is built on top of WordPress. While many enterprise products have a reputation … Read More

Busting 5 Myths About WordPress and WordPress VIP

The good and the not so good, what have you heard about WordPress and WordPress VIP? From “open source isn’t safe” to “WordPress VIP is CMS overkill,” there are plenty of myths and misconceptions in the wild that need addressing.

Let’s start setting the record straight with these 5.

WordPress VIP myth 1: Anything based on open source code is insecure

WordPress VIP proudly has its roots in open source. Rather than a liability, it’s actually one of the platform’s strengths.

Yes, by definition, open source operates in the open, freely available to a worldwide network of developers. But here’s … Read More

Avoiding CMS Disaster: Scaling WordPress for High Traffic With WordPress VIP

Yikes! We’re getting 100 times more requests than normal! Why is it happening? Where did it come from? Is our website up for the challenge and capable of scaling to meet the demand?

Everyone knows having a performant website is a business imperative, especially during peak traffic periods in the wake of major marketing campaigns or breaking news. But in a modern enterprise ecosystem, many other factors, some random and unpredictable, can also cause traffic spikes. Think everything from celebrity endorsements, inflammatory posts, and major events like U.S. Election Night, to deep technical issues like bad deployments of decoupled … Read More

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