7 Automation Trends to Watch Out for in 2023
7 Automation trends to watch out for in 2023

Ah Automation! The magic word! 

Since the first industrial revolution, automation has been synonymous to progress. Also, the rise of robotics and AI has certainly served to amplify its impact.


As automation maintains its place as a key player in the industry, it’s important to be aware of the trends shaping its development. In a previous blog titled Automation Trends 2022, we covered our predictions for automation in the year 2022. As predicted, the year saw hyper automation take center stage as AI/ML became more and more commonplace. 

However, the top 7 automation trends for 2023, … Read More

5 Reasons Media Companies Love WordPress VIP

Media is a highly competitive business, where time is money and customer loyalty and engagement are the coin of the realm. As more and more media properties emerge every day, consumers have increasing digital choices when it comes to news, sports, entertainment, and other content. 

If those experiences aren’t fast, amazing, engaging, and tuned to the topics or trends that speak to your audience, the competition is just one click away. And that means lost eyeballs and lost advertising dollars. 

From agile content publishing to understanding how to optimize that content, the WordPress VIP content management platform delivers rock-solid performance, … Read More

Planning to migrate from WordPress to WPVIP?
Migrate to WPVIP

Migrating a website is a daunting task with many considerations and stakeholders, especially for large businesses with extensive content libraries and editorial workflows. 

Whether you’re migrating from a WordPress website or a different platform, use our website migration checklist to cover the crucial things you should consider before migrating your business-critical website to WordPress VIP.

Website migration doesn’t have to be scary, even for a business with a massive digital portfolio. 

But to execute a successful migration, you must fully understand the scope and nature of your migration project. You can use our checklist to get started.

Preparing for your … Read More

How to Convince Your Boss to Migrate to WordPress VIP

So, you’re fully convinced that WordPress VIP would make sense for your organisation (and probably make your job easier in the process) but you’re not sure how to start the conversation with the decision makers of your organisation.

Allow us to help. While you could just send them this blog in a not-so-subtle hint, you’re probably better off having a more formal discussion about everything a migration to WordPress VIP entails and the benefits it promises. 

We are going to walk you through an insight-driven plan that is proven to work on even the most stubborn sceptics.

Let’s start!

Here … Read More

Salesforce IoT Cloud – Taking CRM to the Next Level

IoT is something that has reset the tech game board. Earlier considered a wild card, it is now slowly cementing its place as a seasoned player.

In the simplest terms, IoT or the “Internet of Things” is any device with an on/off switch that is connected to the Internet. 

From the Fitbits on our wrists and the wifi in our cars to home-monitoring systems like Nest and Hive, IoT has already become a part of our lives.


Salesforce IoT Cloud Platform – ahead of the game

Salesforce, of course, is never far behind when it comes … Read More

Creating WOW in Baner, Pune!

We have a new address!​​ Baner, Pune.

Opening new doors, and doing new things!

We have moved to a new and swankier office. 

It is InfoBeans’ third office in Pune, after Vimaan Nagar and Aundh. We have grown from a small area and team size to a sprawling office in a business commercial hub housing 500+ employees! Currently situated at Baner, Pune, the office is centrally located in the business hub of Pune.  We thank our team, clients, and investors who have supported and encouraged us through our journey and inspired us to achieve our goals.

We witnessed an impressive … Read More

Can Your ServiceNow be Blockchain (DLT) Enabled?

The hype around blockchain refuses to die down and there’s a reason for it. Blockchain is no longer the new kid in the tech playground–it’s now the most popular kid in school. It is slowly transforming itself from being a luxury to a necessity. 


Imagine that company A wants to outsource its customer service to company B. Now, company B does a fine enough job, however, more often than not, company A finds itself in the dark as to what exactly company B is doing. Communication is lagging, records keep changing and it’s hard to keep track of the … Read More

UiPath FORWARD 5: Key Takeaways From The Biggest Automation Event of The Year

The UiPath FORWARD 5 2022 conference was a grand success. The 2.5 day mega event saw one of the largest gatherings of automation experts and practitioners ever brought together. With thousands of attendees, this conference served as a source of both inspiration and transformation.

There were many major occurrences during the course of this event that are set to bring huge changes to the world of tech. Here are the biggest announcements and key takeaways from this year’s UiPath FORWARD 5 event:

Microsoft and UiPath announce a collaboration

Microsoft joined hands with UiPath. This partnership aims to bring Azure automation … Read More

From Farm to Fork: Blockchain Traceability in the Food industry

What’s the best meal you’ve ever had?

Is there a slight smile playing on your lips as your tongue recalls that familiar taste?

This is the magic of food. Food is everything. From the highest rungs of society to the lowest, food is our common ground. We live to eat. It is an integral part of our stories, anecdotes, and memories.

This is why food safety is one of the biggest concerns facing the world right now. It’s a massive topic of debate around the world and WHO has raised the issue year after year. With the scary figures given … Read More

Future Blockchain Summit: The Middle East’s Flagship event for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The Future Blockchain Summit — the MENA region’s longest-running exhibition and conference is returning to Dubai World Trade Center from Oct. 10 to 13, 2022. The four-day event will connect critical stakeholders across Blockchain, crypto, and Web3. It is your opportunity to explore topics including the Metaverse, blockchain for enterprise, and the future of digital assets. Shake hands with industry experts and leverage countless networking opportunities, an expert conference program, and transformational workshops to explore distinct themes in and around blockchain.

Meet our experts

Darshana Jain: Meet Darshana, our Blockchain Evangelist who heads the newly established Blockchain Center of Excellence … Read More

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