FORWARD V: When robots work, people thrive

We can’t keep calm, the 2.5-day mega-event is just around the corner!

Forward V is happening from 27th to 29th of September, at The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas. An in-person event after 2 years and we can already foresee the frenzy. The largest gathering of automation experts, and practitioners in one place. An opportunity to connect with like-minded innovators who are harnessing automation forward to fuel their digital business.

Why be a part of UiPath FORWARD V in 2022?

UiPath FORWARD V is one of the most thrilling automation events of the year.

Still in doubt?

Here are five predominant … Read More

Pro-tips and survival kit for a hassle-free Dreamforce 2022 experience

It’s just a week until Dreamforce 2022. That’s right, you can almost start counting down on your hands! As September 20th speeds toward us, we’re back with Dreamforce Survival Kit, dishing out tips and tricks, both for in-person and virtual attendees to make sure you’re prepped to have an epic time.

Dreamforce – A congregation of luminaries, notable speakers, enthusiastic attendees, and inquisitive customers.

Dreamforce 2022 is taking place next week and it is the 20th anniversary of this incredible event! Something that started as a gathering of a handful of customers, has metamorphosed into the largest software conference in … Read More

Dreamforce – An event where the future happens

Dreamforce, Salesforce’s biggest event of the year, is back in full swing from 20th to 22nd September, San Francisco. Since it is their 20th anniversary this year, expect a lot of fun and frenzy during the three days, besides meeting long-lost friends and celebrating togetherness.

What you will miss if you are not attending Dreamforce 2022

A cover-to-cover lineup of speakers

As always, meeting industry stalwarts is the biggest takeaway from such events. And Dreamforce is a place to be. Celebrities, activists, and world-class athletes, all are coming to Dreamforce to tell their stories, and inspire yours.

Marc Benioff:Co-CEO and … Read More

Set sustainability as your core business value with Salesforce NetZero cloud

Sustainability is not just a good idea – it has become a matter of self-preservation. And making it an inevitable part of your core values is no longer an option, but a dire necessity for every single organization. When sustainability becomes your core value, you consciously or subconsciously assign higher weights to it. You prefer solutions that lead directly to achieving more sustainable business results, like carbon neutrality or net zero.

Companies as large as Apple, Coca-Cola, and IKEA have gone leaps and bounds to neutralize their footprints and achieve net zero – not only because it’s the call of … Read More

ServiceNow Tokyo Release – Features and Enhancements

The Tokyo release is here and it’s time to find out what ServiceNow developers believe to be their favorite features in this release. We have covered some features that impact App Engine Automation & customer service management.

Overview of the Tokyo Early Availability (EA) release

Customer Service Management Case resolution through AI : Resolve customer cases faster with automation and AI. Auto-populate fields, detect customer sentiment and extract attachment data for more complete case files. Industry data models : Unify business operations across internal and external business locations. Define and register franchises, dealerships, and staff. Field Service Management Territory planning … Read More

Low code, no-code platforms – Benefits and use-cases for financial services

If there was a vlog on the current trending technologies; low-code would be the chartbuster.

Organizations worldwide seem hooked to the low-code, no-code platforms – a technology that promises fast development of applications with minimal overheads like the traditional development.

BFSI, just like many other businesses, can get the most out of these new technology solutions to meet the needs of their clients, improve their home banking/insurance services, implement new services and, gain more competitive advantage.

Low-code, no-code platforms

Low-code is a visual approach to software development. The idea behind is to make developers and non-IT personnel more efficient. It … Read More

Blockchain in Insurance – Benefits and Use-cases

Blockchain seems to be the hottest topic in the rapidly changing world of Fintech. And the transformation of the Insurance industry with blockchain predominantly tops the charts. While the technology has the potential to “live up to the hype” and reshape the Insurance industry, it also requires careful collaboration with other emerging technologies, regulators, incumbents, and additional stakeholders to be successful.

Some of the First Mover Insurers (Trailblazers) are looking to blockchain to help drive wider transformation by focusing on access to trusted information and redesigned business models. These Trailblazers not only see the value in participating in the broader … Read More

The Emerging Nexus of AI and Blockchain

Rapid Advancement

Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies have been advancing – and continue to advance – at a staggering pace. What ultimately drives this pace is the new applications and uses being discovered and/or created for these technologies – as rarely does society understand how to extract the full value of a new technology when it is first introduced. Doing so usually takes several years of experimenting with the technology to find optimal uses for it.

This is certainly the case for both AI, or Artificial Intelligence, and blockchain. Both of these technologies are making countless new activities possible in our … Read More

Salesforce Enters into Crypto World With New NFT Cloud

Almost every day, you must have heard people talking about Digital. You must have seen many small & big businesses trying to ride this digital Transformation wave as well. However, many businesses or marketers still struggle to understand their customer’s entire journey.

Salesforce Enters into Crypto World With New NFT Cloud

Crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have continued to attract investors and there is a steep surge in masses embracing the decentralized ecosystem of Web3, blockchain, and metaverse.In order to create a new platform for buying and selling digital assets, Salesforce has taken … Read More

Application modernization techniques to vouch for

Application modernization is summed up as the process of identifying existing legacy applications and modernizing their infrastructure, internal architecture, and/or features. Most of the legacy applications are either monolithic, or on-premise that are maintained using waterfall development processes. But, with modern day technology, those applications can be moved to microservices, cloud or modernized using several  techniques.

Why application modernization in the first place?

Legacy applications are often complex, difficult to update and expensive to scale. Even if one component of an app is facing load and performance challenges, it becomes  necessary to scale up the entire app only to serve … Read More

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