Major Salesforce trends to look for in 2022

Since June 2021, we have written numerous blogs to convey the business benefits of using Salesforce, its use cases across industries and made an effort to bring you closer to the platform which is much more than just a CRM, it is a Saas platform with all cloud capabilities.

Salesforce Trends 2022

Post-pandemic, organizations need products that foster collaboration, offer connected and personalized experience and make work easy, from anywhere. Therefore, Salesforce products that efficiently fulfill this need will be trending and will top the charts this year. The platform has already grown by leaps and bounds year on year  … Read More

Maximize your SAP investment with SAP automation

SAP automation is a type of automation that is used to achieve efficient operations within the SAP ecosystem. Learn about its benefits for business owners, developers and users and industry-wise use cases in this blog post.

With years of trust, SAP has successfully evolved as a solution for streamlining and systemizing business processes and workflow – inventory management, finance, HR, procurement, and sales to name a few. When SAP is automated, it helps businesses plan resources more efficiently, brings you another leap closer to automating everything that is automatable and reduces back-office work to an absolute minimum.

The majority of … Read More

How to know when your hypothesis is validated

A lot of executives are asking me – “how do we know when a hypothesis is validated?”I’m pleased because this means rapid experimentation is starting to make it! Even getting to the stage of caring about hypotheses being validated is a game-changer. But I understand that this question is tricky to answer. This post shares how we at Philosophie by InfoBeans validate or invalidate hypotheses.

Before you can validate anything you need to run experiments on these hypotheses. Luckily we have a whole article on that topic: How to Select the Right Experiment for Your Project

But once an … Read More

Experience better visibility in business-critical services with ServiceNow Service Mapping

By developing a service visibility strategy, you can locate potential problems in your IT infrastructure and make changes before any downtime happens. Additionally, you can quickly drill down to identify the infrastructure component that’s causing the downtime.

Service Mapping

An aspirational tool for the modern IT department of an enterprise, Service Mapping discovers underlying IT applications, their components and creates a map on how these connect to business services. Using service mapping, you can build a window of all your business-critical services that’s always up to date.

Benefits Improved visibility Business continuity and compliance Aids data center migration planning

Implementing … Read More

Microservices – What and Why

The rapid adoption of cloud platforms has made both Microservices and Serverless architectures integral to digital transformation. While we have already covered why going serverless may prove to be better for your busines and a few examples and use-case of the same in our previous blogs, here we are going to speak more on Microservices, what it is, and its benefits.

With the wide adoption of cloud computing, enterprises have migrated or refactored their existing monolithic-based applications into the microservices architecture. On the other hand, serverless computing is also gaining popularity and more adoption in different fields since … Read More

Strategies to embrace Digital Transformation in the Middle East

In recent years, the Middle East has been experiencing digital transformation in abundance. From businesses to consumers, everyone in the region is getting more and more plugged into the online world. However, to achieve more, there are certain strategies that the Middle East organizations should adopt to meet their business objectives, embrace digital transformation with open arms, and for total customer delight.

Strategies can be categorized into four broad categories


Developing an innovation mindset: Here, we do not mean developing skill sets, which can be achieved by either the right hiring or training. By developing an innovation mindset, … Read More

How to select the right experiment for your project

There is so much waste in enterprise software. Teams build and build. And build. And build. But when they finally release, the product often falls flat. No one should be surprised by the fact that the vast majority of custom software development projects ($440 billion in 2019 alone!) fail

Agile — and now SAFe promised a better approach to building software — but unfortunately these processes, which have helped deliver a lot of features didn’t result in better products. What if instead of measuring how many features you are able to crank out, you looked at what would have the … Read More

Better Data Management in Health Tech

While working with a top strategy firm and a major German Healthcare company building the healthcare product Fern Health, we engineered a solution that solved several challenges often encountered in health tech. This product is used by multiple users with different needs and requires data from several different healthcare-compliant data sources.

Early on in our Experiment-Driven Design process, it became apparent that we were solving problems for more than just a single user. The system was predicated on a system of complex interactions between health care providers, the patient, their caregivers, healthcare advisors, etc. This is a common trend … Read More

How to Build and Maintain an Experiment Dashboard

Getting enterprises to embrace a culture of experimentation is a tremendous challenge. The rising popularity of scaled agile frameworks (SAFe), while intended to increase visibility and communication, often creates more overhead without increasing leadership’s confidence that teams are delivering the right results. The most successful product teams realize that change is inevitable, and their teams will deliver their best work if, instead of focusing on plans, they define clear outcomes and metrics, ruthlessly prioritize work, and take an iterative approach.

One of the biggest hurdles is helping executives understand what teams are working on and the value they … Read More

Four Tips to Unlock Innovation in your Regulated Industry

If you’re following current trends in Product Management, it seems that everyone is talking about being customer-led, using design thinking techniques and acting with an experimental mindset. If you work in a heavily regulated industry, such as financial services, insurance or healthcare, you may be wondering how you can take advantage of these ideas without being shut down by your colleagues in legal and compliance.

Many large companies that want to innovate are stuck in the old ways of making products: plan, build, ship, and hope for the big payoff—but what if the payoff doesn’t happen? You could easily spend … Read More

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