The best of Rome Release from ServiceNow
The best of Rome Release from ServiceNow

The Rome release is just around the corner, and just like any release from ServiceNow, Rome also has a lot of fab new features and enhancements. We took a sneak peek into the new instance to give you a summary of some great new features being added. The article focuses on the technical aspects primarily relevant for Admins, Developers, and Security teams.

Mobile App Builder – Mobile App Builder will be your new go-to place for Mobile Apps, replacing the current Mobile Studio. A powerful, streamlined interface allows to create and configure rich mobile experiences. This plugin can be integrated with … Read More

Salesforce Health Cloud: Offering a 360 degree view of your patient
Salesforce Health Cloud

Health Cloud, a blend of CRM capabilities and patient management features, is an extremely powerful Salesforce platform. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your doctors, nurses, technicians, medical reps, and accounting team all get to access your info from a single platform to manage health portfolio of your patient? 

Salesforce Health Cloud can do just that.

It offers accurate and relevant data that is accessible to everyone across the patient care team and has the power to transform outcomes and the entire experience, eventually. It is perfect for healthcare organizations that grapple with the challenges of siloed IT systems and interoperability. … Read More

The what, why, how, and when of competitor analysis in User Experience Design
User Experience Design

A competitor analysis means knowing your product or service like the back of your hand and analyzing it against the competition.  It forms an integral part of user experience design providing strategic insights into the features, functions, flows, and feelings evoked by the design solutions of your competitors. Once you understand these aspects of your competitors’ products, you can strategically design your solution with the goal of providing a superior value proposition.

So how do you know if your product has that competitive edge? 

There are numerous parameters that will give you significant insights on where your product stands viz-a-viz … Read More

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud – Exchange customer data seamlessly and support financial agents
Salesforce Cloud

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, a lightning-powered integrated platform, is designed to assist clients in achieving their financial goals and deepen relationships with clients using the enhanced customer 360-degree view.

One of the most coveted Salesforce products for the finance industry, Financial Services Cloud (FSC) is a managed package that enhances and extends the functionality of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to meet the needs of wealth management firms, insurance companies, and banks.

Regardless of which financial services sector, FSC has the potential to solve any challenge businesses face. From providing real-time access to critical data to providing meaningful … Read More

Serverless Framework: Examples and Use cases
Serverless Framework

Our latest blog on the Serverless framework covers the benefits of going serverless and why serverless may prove good for your business.

Owing to its rising popularity, we thought we should give you more insights into the serverless framework besides giving you a quick brush-up from our last blog.

From our previous blog

Globenewswire says that the global Serverless Architecture Market is expected to grow from USD 7,892.67 Million in 2020 to USD 21,912.56 Million by the end of 2025.

Serverless Framework

Moves the burden of provisioning and managing run-time environment on to function cloud  Unlocks teams’ capability, allowing … Read More

Why is the Salesforce Experience Cloud the next best thing for you?
Salesforce Experience Cloud

If you are here, odds are you are hearing a lot of buzz about the Salesforce Experience Cloud and looking for more insights.

Originally named ‘Salesforce Community Cloud’, ‘Experience Cloud’ is among the most popular cloud options from Salesforce and is known for its remarkable integration and collaboration capabilities. It also offers personalization, customization, branding, and engagement solutions. 

What sets Salesforce Experience Cloud apart from other community programs is its unique integration feature where it can integrate with everything in the Salesforce system and with most of the third-party platforms, as well.

Let us understand why Experience Cloud is important … Read More

Hyperautomation – The new wave of Automation

Hyperautomation is one of the most coveted technologies these days and is likely to be a trending buzzword in 2021. A leading Research and Advisory firm has listed Hyperautomation on top of its Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020 report, and for all the good reasons. 

Let us begin by knowing what is Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation is a process in which businesses automate as many business and IT processes as possible using tools like AI, machine learning, event-driven software, robotic process automation, and other types of decision processes and task automation.

At its core, Hyperautomation is an idea, which says … Read More

Data Transformation: The holy grail for modern-day business
Data Transformation

Information is power, and when you have access to the right data, it drives you to huge business growth and success. As per McKinsey Global Institute, data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers and 6 times more likely to retain customers. 

But the real challenge is how to migrate data from various disparate sources to a single readable format and transform it to draw meaningful inferences from it. 

Data transformation plays a significant role here. It includes migration, integration fabrication, and management of data in a manner that aids organizations in making informed decisions, therefore transformation … Read More

Why going Serverless may prove to be better for your business?

Serverless is one of the latest trends that will continue to increase by leaps and bounds over the decade. Research from Globenewswire says that the global Serverless Architecture Market is expected to grow from USD 7,892.67 Million in 2020 to USD 21,912.56 Million by the end of 2025. The burgeoning rise is due to the core idea of moving the burden of provisioning and managing run-time environment on to function cloud. Also, Serverless computing can unlock teams’ capability, allowing them to focus on what they do best: delivering innovative customer experiences. 

What Does “Going Serverless” Mean?

Essentially, a serverless … Read More

InfoBeans named as Automattic Silver Agency Partner

We are extremely excited to announce that InfoBeans is now a Silver Agency Partner with Automattic, the creators and maintainers of WordPress. Being Silver Agency Partner strengthens our relationship with them, and allows us to collaborate even closer with WordPress’ in-house engineers on improvements to both our code and their platform. This partnership will create a new milestone in delivering value to the clients with cost-effective WordPress services and quality applications. The partnership shall be a big plus for our WordPress clients looking for integrations and best-in-class enterprise solutions that are secure, performant, and easy to use. 

About Automattic

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