April 2020

April, 2020


Are you ready to make your application Covid compliant!


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Automation strategies during the times of COVID-19

Due to the sudden outbreak of the pandemic, intelligent automation has become integral for Industries like Healthcare, Supply-chain, BFSI. Our latest blog talks about a few strategies to make your business Covid compliant.
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RPA Technology for Invoicing

The Client

Leading global IT software services provider company

Business Need

Automate the invoicing process and send email to client AP without human intervention and minimize the risk of errors.


| Reading the invoicing data from the portal
| Extracting all the required information like client name, project name, SOW #, efforts, rate etc.
| Updating the information on relevant invoicing templates
| Auto numbering the invoices and date
| Creating the invoice in PDF format
| Sending the emails with attached invoices to client AP
Monthly hours Spend before automationHours spend after automationEfficiency achieved in %
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Responding to COVID-19 with RPA

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Blue Prism announced that it has raised £100 million ($124 million) in equity financing at a valuation of around £1 billion ($1.24 billion).

Blue Prism raises over $120 million to bolster its robotic process automation suite know more…

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