January 2020

January, 2020

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RPA Technology for Rapid User Onboarding and Offboarding

The Client
Part of the world’s leading postal and logistics group

Business Need
Automate user onboarding process for different locations, departments and designations, reduce human intervention and minimize the risk of errors.

InfoBeans integrated RPA with ServiceNow for user on-off boarding.

| Opening the on-off boarding tickets from ServiceNow portal

| Exporting the data to an excel

| Logging in to the on-off boarding portal

| Updating the portal with required information for on-off boarding

| Closing the tickets on SNOW portal

Monthly hours Spend before automation

Hours spend after automation

Efficiency achieved in %




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About InfoBeans

About InfoBeans We are ServiceNow Bronze Technology and Services partner determined to align IT service strategy with business outcomes. Our RPA practice is based on advanced computer vision and integration with third-party cognitive services to produce automation capabilities that enormously elevate business value. We set up intelligent robots that enable improvement and implementation of measurable and cost-effective automation strategies.

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