March 2020

March, 2020

Covid-19 came out unexpectedly and is spreading quickly throughout the world. The impact is yet to be assessed but seems giant. In the upcoming era, consider re-design of supply chain and logistics management with even more digitization and inbuilt flexibility to adapt to events and changes, ability to predict and mitigate challenges. The introduction of AI, ML and RPA to Supply Chain Management might be a game changer by not only helping reduce cost, but also boost the overall business continuity.

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Using RPA for Password reset, and unlock

The Client

Part of the World’s leading Postal and Logistics group

Business Need

Identify relevant tickets from SNOW portal around password reset, unlock requestsExtract name, email and other relevant information from the ticketsOpen the UNIX server for password reset/unlockFollow the defined process for such requests, reset/unlock password and close the UNIX connection

Monthly hours Spend before automation Hours spend after automation Efficiency achieved in %
110 25 440%
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