November 2020

November, 2020

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Measure RPA success with UiPath Insights

UiPath Insights is a powerful embedded analytics that provides end-to-end visibility over RPA operations and processes. You can now measure, calculate and share RPA value and it can assist you along your automation journey. Read our blog to get meaningful insights into Insights.
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What’s New?

UiPath RPA Now Available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Microsoft customers gain access to UiPath Automation Platform to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and agility of Azure to quickly scale automation initiatives. Availability of RPA in the Azure Marketplace will offer customers an easy entry point to quickly scale automation initiatives. Read more...

Pega Introduces First RPA Auto-balancing Feature for Hands-Free Bot Workload Management.

Pegasystems recently introduced Pega RPA Auto-balancing – the industry’s first Robotic Process Automation feature that automatically provisions workloads between an organization’s available bots. With Pega RPA Auto-balancing, the new Pega Robot Manager capability analyzes all work requests and automatically provisions them across available bots. Read more...

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October, 2020
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