January 2019

January, 2019
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All of us at InfoBeans hope you had a great new year and holiday season with your loved ones. We wish and believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to in 2019.
In this edition of our ServiceNow newsletter, we’ve rounded up our most popular integrations to give you a quick walk through of some exciting stuff we're doing.

As always, we will be delighted to talk if you have any questions or comments. We are ready to help where you need it.

Now with Alexa
Integrated Amazon Alexa with ServiceNow
We integrated Amazon Alexa leveraging the capabilities of Incident, Problem and Change Management modules. The integration has modernized and enhanced the user experience and improved organization's overall productivity. Users are loving the super-fast and easy voice chat way of resolving tickets via Alexa interaction. For more details Click Here
Slack with ServiceNow
Slack integration using Flow Designer and Integration Hub
Streamlined workflow of the system and improved communication and collaboration between teams with Slack integration. Users quickly get notified upon incident creation and assignment in the slack/user group. We use slack chat to track incident details, automate the approval/notification process and keep track of the entire task/operation.
Jenkins with ServiceNow
Used ServiceNow to gather Jenkins build information
Integrated Jenkins build management console and job configuration with ServiceNow interface to manage ServiceNow code change via Jenkins. User are able to view failed build history, trigger new builds, fetch log details and automate deployment from ServiceNow.
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