January 2020

January, 2020


Technical Bulletin – January 2020
From our ServiceNow Lab

Discovery & Predictive Analysis using ML
Travel App for ServiceNow

We developed a well-connected map of IT components across the organization and utilized Discovery + Machine Learning to make predictions on IT issues. With thousands of IT components working together, this proactive approach helped our customer achieve higher visibility on bottlenecks ahead of time.

Handling negative tweets through ServiceNow


We automated feedback and response management solution designed within ServiceNow to pull tweets marked with specific hashtags and filter them for unique text. Based on the text, the system is able to respond with a customised message on twitter, create tickets on ServiceNow instance, send notification to the concerned departments, and route for issue resolution.

Strategic decision making using decision tree


We converted long data sheets into intelligent web forms, auto-populated fields and designed interactive custom reports within ITBM. Designed separate dashboards for customer and admin, which drastically reduced time and effort that otherwise went into filling long Excel sheets.

New Trainings and Certifications
New trainings and certifications

We foster a learning environment at InfoBeans and keep on honing our team’s expertise. This quarter InfoBeans team accomplished:

9 New Certified Implementation Specialist (ITSM)
8 Experts trained on CSM module fundamental and implementation

About InfoBeans

About InfoBeans
We are ServiceNow Bronze Technology and Services partner determined to align IT service strategy with business outcomes. Our RPA practice is based on advanced computer vision and integration with third-party cognitive services to produce automation capabilities that enormously elevate business value. We set up intelligent robots that enable improvement and implementation of measurable and cost-effective automation strategies.

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