July 2019

July, 2019
Technical Bulletin #02 - July 2019
From our ServiceNow Lab
Edge Encryption no longer a costly affair
Edge Encryption ServiceNow stores data in tables and the developers with Admin access can see the Customer data. In a multi-vendor venture where multiple users have Admin access, sensitive data can be managed through Edge Encryption where ServiceNow installs a proxy server in the customer network. The plugin provides high security using encryption and tokenization, preventing any vendor outside the network from unmasking data. Did you know Robotic Process Automation can help query the network server for the decryption key and gain access to authorized data, all at a very low cost?
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Automated PO Number generation
SAP Integration REST-based integration of SAP with ServiceNow facilitated creation of Shopping Cart and Purchase Order (PO) Number. InfoBeans automated the Shopping Cart submission and PO Number generation by integrating SAP and ServiceNow bi-directionally over REST. Submitting the Catalog request itself triggered the submission of Shopping Cart and eventually created PO Number without any human intervention. All the details furnished in ServiceNow are directly passed to the SAP system thus eliminating errors in order and streamlining the Service delivery.
What to expect from New York release
ServiceNow New York Release

* New York shall contain a batch of new “low and no code development” tools, opening app creation to business users as well as programmers. * The new Now Platform is promised to be fully multi-cloud, first Google Cloud joint solution. * Operator Workspace and Service Owner Workspace are 2 new portals getting introduced with New York. * Enhancements to Virtual Agent, new ITOM function, and the ability to integrate data from external systems are foreseen to help with reporting, analysis, and recommendations by AI. * ServiceNow mobile onboarding app for HR with a voice assistant and AI shall include in-app mobile analytics platform. It is expected to reduce the onboarding journey by 30% and provide higher transparency and tracking.

About InfoBeans

About InfoBeans We are ServiceNow Bronze Technology and Services partner determined to align IT service strategy with business outcomes. Our RPA practice is based on advanced computer vision and integration with third-party cognitive services to produce automation capabilities that enormously elevate business value. We set up intelligent robots that enable improvement and implementation of measurable and cost-effective automation strategies.

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